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Tyler's Igloo & The Cat Bridge
Tyler was studied intently by the cats
Cat bravery
The cats were using the cat bridge over the Tyler door to reclaim the cat shelves.

They studied him carefully, trying to figure out why a dog was such a galumph. Ungainly on slick vinyl flooring they may have been under estimating what Tyler was capable of when his paws had purchase on earth.

Time would tell.
A cat bridge spanned the space over the Igloo from window cat shelves to the large plastic shelf unit.
The Igloo cost only $30 on Craigslist. Rusty took it to a car wash, then scrubbed it with Mr. Clean, and lastly used bleach solution.

Then he took an angle grinder to the fierce bite marks made by the previous owner - an insanely powerful Rottweiler who chewed up the front edges.
This was Tyler's third dog den.

Rusty placed it in one of his favorite hang out spots so Tyler was in it often during the day as the cats scooted above him.

Tyler loved his Igloo! "Arf! Arf!" he said. To a dog it was the bomb.


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