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Magic Hat
How Tyler's magic hat saved Rusty's life
Tyler needed a dog door
So Rusty and wonder puppy took off in the mobile dog bedroom.
Tractor Supply was Rusty's favorite place. They had a large dog door Rusty could afford. It was only $59. Fancy doors, at other places, were hundreds of dollars.
Tyler wanted his own hat, but they didn't have any with cut out holes for his tall ears.

So Tyler let Rusty wear the hat for him.
At Home Depot they could not find anyone to help in lumber.

Rusty just started yelling "HELP! HELP! HELP IN LUMBER!"

Finally two Home Depot lumber babes strolled up to them.
They liked Tyler.

They called for a lumber dude.
Soon enough Tyler had his plywood all picked out.
Waiting for the sheet to be rip cut so it would fit inside the Honda Civic hatchback.

Tyler winced at the screaming saw blade.

Self checkout didn't work very well, so a nice lady helped them.
Off to finish the project.

Soon Tyler would have his own dog so he could sun himself on the deck, go potty, or play in the yard whenever he wanted.

How did Tyler's magic hat save Rusty?
Tyler is a miracle dog. His divine origin means that he is capable of providing protection to all beings in his charge.

For example: Tyler wore the magic hat that later saved Rusty's skull from being cracked open when a limb fell on it. (Rusty was playing lumberjack without a hardhat)

At the Emergency room they let Tyler accompany Rusty while they stapled his head. They asked if Tyler was a service dog and Rusty said "No, he's my attorney and must be present during all medical procedures." So they let Tyler stay with Rusty. One nurse gave him a candy treat.

The doctors knew that Tyler's spiritual protection was all over that hat so they quietly snuck off with the blood soaked relic. Now it is rumored they use Tyler's magic hat to heal the sick. People just touch it and they get well.

I believe Tyler is magic. Just like Jesus.

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