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Tyler: 2010 adventures
The old wood house was $25 on Craigslist. The previous owner's dog died of old age. He was so nice he delivered the dog house to the farm because it wouldn't fit in Rusty's Honda. Then the house needed lots of care--linseed oil, wood preservative, flashing, deck screws, plywood reinforcement, and 2-coats of paint. Tyler himself picked out the carpet pad floor when he grabbed it off the shelf at Target. Tyler found his house a perfect dog den to hang out in while Rusty tinkered on the stuff in the workshop.
Will Tyler the Wonder Dog be paw cuffed and hauled off to the dog pound?

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Another exciting day on the farm!
The cats caught up on their sleep. Rusty built and repaired stuff. Raccoony snuck into the dog yard to steal treats.
Cat bravery
The cats were using the cat bridge over the Tyler door to reclaim the cat shelves.
Tyler wanted to eat the cats but Rusty told him "Unh-unh!" and "No chew cat"

Tyler became accustomed to the cats without killing either Bobcat, Raccoony or Dustball.

That was a relief.
Bobcat stayed out of dog reach on the cat shelves. He studied the dog day after day.
A flower bloomed
One of the cactus cuttings bloomed just sitting on a shelf. Rusty picked the flower to enjoy the sweet fragrance.

Tyler liked the flower, too. It smelled good to him.
"WOW!" said Tyler. "Flower smell good".
Smelling the flower mellowed him out. So Bobcat relaxed and fell asleep without Tyler chewing on him.
Tyler's second dog den
Rusty bought a used dog house on Craigslist for $20. For three days he washed it, scrubbed it, then bleached it. On the last day he took an angle grinder to the deep tooth marks of the previous dog -- an insane Rottweiler with a bite strength from Hell.

Before Tyler could visit it Raccoony was already in it! She darted inside to steal the dog treat Rusty left as a dog house warming gift.
Tyler had a new toy -- a bundle of old weed block fabric he liked to chew on and tear up.

Raccoony ate one of the dog treats intended for Tyler. What a clever cat.
Rusty went to get Tyler.

"Hey Tyler! Want to see your new dog den on the deck?"
Tyler loved his yellow house by the workshop. He could hardly believe Rusty had a second house for him.
Tyler liked his dog den on the deck.
"What a cool dog den!" Tyler thought to his dog self.
Then Tyler showed Rusty how he played with his toy made from a bundle of old weed block.
Raccoony was no longer afraid
Raccoony watched from the other side of the dog yard. She was amazed that Tyler got so much attention—time Rusty used to spend with the cats. But in her cat heart she loved Rusty and knew Rusty loved her back.
Tyler said "Thank you very much, Rusty, for my deck hut. It's the bomb!"
Daily exercise
That evening they went for a tractor walk through the almond orchards.
Tyler got busted by the police. A jealous neighbor called in a complaint that Tyler was a menace to traffic.

But the cops liked Tyler so much they stopped to chat for 15 minutes, swapping dog stories. The police officer knew, all too well, the clown who phoned in the complaint.

They couldn't see any crime in walking a magnificent dog like Tyler!

So they parted as friends.

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Tyler continued his tractor walk. "What nice police officers they were" thought Rusty.
Tyler trotted on through Boxville, but on the way home they avoided the street where the clown lived who called the cops.

They had had enough of clowns for one day.

More adventures of Tyler the Wonder Dog...

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