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Tyler: 2010 adventures
(below) Tyler had a customized tractor. With its fat rear tires and low gearing it could traverse sand, mud, brush, and even survive a tour of Boxville—the housing development where working people lived. To Rusty the housing development was a vision of Purgatory—endless boxes crowded with pick up trucks. Boxville humans dwelled tightly huddled together because they were afraid of being alive. Crowding in a herd gave them the illusion of belonging to a group that would somehow protect them from experiencing reality. It was very sad, but the humans there were harmless so Tyler and Rusty weren't afraid. Their 50 year old chug-chug tractor propelled them safely past the unenlightened masses.
(above) Tyler thought the tractor was a cool toy. Rusty loved it like a 10 year old boy with a pony.
(below) When Tyler trotted along side the tractor he was in dog bliss.

(Above) Tyler in an alert state with ears up. Boxville was filled with strange smells, sounds, cars & humans. Joggers, bikers, cats, pick up trucks, skateboarders, slackers, infants, big dogs off leash and little rat dogs on leashes. It was an amazing place. Some families waved at Tyler while others clutched their children or rat like puppies close to them in fear. Tyler trotted along through Boxville like a magnificent wolf. A real dog. Not some yapping rat on a rope. Rusty was proud of him.
Waiting for Rusty
Tyler lay at Rusty's foot waiting for him to shower and get the leash so they could have another adventure.
Tinkering on the tractor
Soon enough Rusty showered & dressed' then they were outside. Tyler waited as Rusty tinkered with the tractor.

Rusty got his water bottle, MP3 player, LED headlight, and NASA baseball cap (that was important).

He made sure the gas tank was full, that they had a spare drive belt, and a plastic bag in case Tyler took a poop on the lawn of a house where he didn't like the owner's dog. If Tyler did that, and someone saw it, he'd have to pick it up. Once Tyler pooped on the lawn of this house with an obnoxious dog. Rusty laughed as he looked around. No one saw it so they motored on.
Tyler's evening poop
The first thing Tyler did every evening when they went on a tractor walk was to take a poop. His poop collection extended along the road leading to Cat & Cactus Heaven. Tyler wanted to make sure everyone knew this was his territory.

So he added his daily poop to the collection.

Then they were off! Putt-putt-putt!
Evening was the perfect time. It was cool and families were winding down for the day.
A bike lane
Boxville had a bike lane down the main thoroughfare.
Tyler's leash could go out 15 feet. He made use of that fact to run circles around the tractor, making Rusty work the leash as he ran behind -- then ahead; first one side, then another.
Tyler was proud of Rusty for restoring the old tractor he picked up from Craigslist.

Tyler helped Rusty by keeping him company while he tinkered about the farm.  They were good friends.
Safety bumper
Rusty put a safety bumper on the tractor so they would not be run over by a monster pick up truck in Boxville unless someone intended to do so.

It would be hard to not see them. So they were safe.
Sled Dogging home
When they were heading home Tyler knew the way. He became the sled dog, leading from straight ahead.
Home after the tractor walk
After 2-3 miles of trotting they were home again. Because Tyler ran around on the lease as they went he probably traveled an extra half mile, plus he used his harness to tow Rusty the last 1/2 mile as a sled dog. So he got a good work out.

Tyler was tired, but had a big release of happy dog chemicals in his body from the exercise.

Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, says a dog needs three things to be happy & healthy:

• Discipline
• Exercise
• Affection

Rusty made sure Tyler got all three in proper proportion so they could maintain a good master-dog relationship.
Tyler always felt good after a tractor walk.

He was hungry, too!

Tyler and Rusty were the best of companions. They were spiritual allies from ancient times—now united again to roam the earth.

It was a dream come true for them both.

More adventures of Tyler the Wonder Dog...

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