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Tyler: 2010 adventures
Tyler's deck apartment & tractor pulling
Tyler needed his own apartment
Rusty went to work building a tall fence so evil doers could not steal Tyler.
Lumber, u-posts, welded wire, and lots of screws made a strong fence around Tyler's home.
Rusty worked day after day, building the fence stronger.
Tyler was not good at carpentry so mostly he watched.
Sawing and screwing and pounding went on for days.
Chain & lock went on the gate to prevent evil forces from dog napping the young wonder dog.
Every now and then master and dog took a play break.
As the long, hot summer day wore on Tyler longed for an evening walk.
Finally it was cool when sunset was approaching. Rusty got out the old chug-chug tractor.

Tyler was attached to the 15' retractable leash.

As they passed by the front deck the kitten Bobcat stared in disbelief. He had never seen a big cat called a "dog" pulling Rusty on the chug-chug. "Meow-WOW!" he said.
This was not a time to worry about "Heel".
Half way around the 15 acre field wonder dog was enjoying the fun of a chug-chug walk.
On the home stretch back to the cat farm.

They made it back to the cat farm before the sun had set.

The wonder dog had never walked so far before in his life.
Soon the young shepherd collapsed in his dog bed. He was well exercised and slept the sleep of a puppy.

When he woke he shook with joy & excitement, gave two short yelps to say "I love living at Cat & Cactus Heaven! This is the best home a dog could hope for."
While the pooped out wonder dog napped, Rusty did some more yard work. Raccoony, the border kitten, showed up to inspect the dog yard from the roof of the garage.

She looked like an owl thought Rusty.
Raccoon girl was pissed off!

This had been a cat only yard—her cat yard. Now there was a giant cat called a "dog" living in it.
Raccoony climbed down into the yard to voice her feelings that this was a cat yard and she did not like being displaced.

"But Raccoony" pleaded Rusty. "The big cat called a 'dog' is peeing and pooping around the property to scare away those evil spirits that creep in the night attacking cats."

Raccoony nodded because that was true. Sure, the dog pee and poop scared her but she also had to admit it was deterring the wild animals. Her cat heart was starting to open up towards the wonder puppy.

Having a dog on the farm made everyone feel safer.
Wonder dog would not have to claw open the sliding door with his paws any longer. Now he had a Tyler door so he could potty by himself whenever he needed to go.

Tyler was happy.

Rusty was happy.

The cats had achieved acceptance.

Later that night Dustball & Bobcat visited with Rusty while he packed cactus for shipping. They meowed and played around him demanding frequent tail scratching from the big guy. He loved them very much.

But Raccoony was out guarding over the farm as was her role as the patrol cat, the designated border kitten.

Rusty realized that, at last, they were all safe from the evil in the night.

And it was all the doing of two Angels named Reggie & Luke.

More adventures of Tyler the Wonder Dog...

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