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Tyler: 2010 adventures
Tyler was in his dog den when Rusty told him they would take a long trip the next morning.

"Tyler, we are going to take a long car journey to the Bay Area" Rusty said.
While Tyler chewed a stick in his dog den, brave Bobcat tiptoed across the cat bridge to observe the dog safely from his cat shelf.

Rusty had built a barricade door to keep 1/2 the house safe for cats while Tyler lived in the other part.

But the cats missed their shelves. They asked Rusty to build a cat bridge from the sink over the dog door to their cat shelves. So he made it for them.
What Bobcat saw alarmed him. He knew Rusty had lied when he said they were getting a big cat called a dog. This dog thing was a huge animal!

A dog was not a cat Bobcat thought to himself. It was a horse of a different color.

He would remain very cautious and cat careful until this Tyler thing settled down.
Sloooowwwwly.... Bobcat was warming up to Tyler and the dog was less and less focused on eating Bobcat.

Rusty hoped the cats and dog would all be friends. One day.
The next morning
Rusty and Tyler drove and drove and drove. It was over 100 miles to the Bay Area to visit the doctor.
Finally they were there. They waited for the doctor.

Tyler's red leather leash matched the waiting room decor. He felt very color coordinated.
Rusty was so old he had worn out his other doctor. She retired.

Now this new doctor was his doctor.

He had computers and was all digital.

Very cool thought Rusty.
The doctor liked Tyler so much he asked Rusty who would get him if Rusty died.

"I'd like to have this dog for my children" he said.

"But I have to be dead first" Rusty reminded him.

Tyler was not only a babe magnet he was a doctor magnet, too.
The ride home was long and tedious as the afternoon commute traffic thickened. It became stop, go, stop, go, stop...well you get the idea.

But Tyler enjoyed the sweet, cool Honda air conditioning that slipped over him and out the pop-out side windows.

He was a cool dog.
Altamont Pass
When they made it to the pass through to the Central Valley Tyler eyed the spinning windmills. He wasn't sure if they were something to chase & eat or not.
Rusty could drive and hold the digital camera out over the passenger side with one hand to take pictures backward. He was an experienced photographer.

Tyler was tired of all the stop and go traffic. So was Rusty.
The traffic went on and on.

The miles wore on.
Rusty was tired.

Tyler was tired.
Suddenly Rusty spotted the Central Valley through the pass.

"Tyler!" he yelled "I think we'll make it."
Tyler only saw more and more of the spinning things that peppered the Altamont Pass hills...as the miles wore on.
In all the stop and go commute traffic Tyler fell asleep.
Rusty was excited when the traffic was gone and they were racing down the road lined with fruit and nut orchards.

This was more like it.
They passed the corn field just a couple of miles from home.
Tyler lit up when Rusty said "We're home Tyler!"
"Arf! Arf!" shouted the young puppy.

"Good boy, Tyler! We're home at last." said Rusty.

What a long trip. What terrible traffic.

But they had done it and everybody was OK.

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