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Big Basin Dog Training, puppy class 2
It was Saturday morning again
"Tyler! Wake up there buddy.
Time to go to dog school"
said Rusty
"Hey Tyler! Wanna go to puppy class?" asked Rusty

"arf! arf!" he replied. That meant "YEAH!"
Tyler drove to class in his mobile dog bedroom. It was fuel efficient and reduced his carbon footprints.
Tyler was in a Heaven of scents! He liked to sniff the ground, sniff other dogs, and even sniff...well.
He met a girl pitbull who was so shy she curled her tail up under her body.
The Instructor noted this body language indicates a shy, fearful dog not well socialized with other dogs.
Tyler was anything but shy.

He loved dog class.

Big Basin Dog Training was the bomb!

Gary, the instructor, was a very nice man who had an amazing ability with dogs.
Rusty noticed that the owners of the shy, fearful dogs did the wrong thing. They rewarded the fearful state by coddling their dogs.

Cesar Millan says "Never reward an unstable state of mind. Ignore it and only reward normal behavior. Otherwise you will teach the dog to be fearful."

Gary was saying the same thing, but Rusty noticed these words fell on deaf ears. The shy dog owners were too busy comforting their "poor little doggies."

Gary warned that puppy behavior will develop into lifetime behavior.
Tyler loved to be Gary's pupil.

"Food treat!" he thought in his dog brain.
Tyler watched in awe at the amazing things the well trained shutzhunds were doing on the workout field.
WOW! A huge rottweiler expertly trained and perfectly controlled by the owner. It was a marvel to watch.
After class Rusty took Tyler in back of Big Basin to the frog pond. Tyler loved that place!

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