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Tyler: 2010 adventures
Big Basin Dog Training Class
German Shepherd starts professional training wth a skilled GSD handler
First day of school
German Shepherd went poopy at glass door because it had been closed at night... The night before his first day of school, Tyler woke up Rusty in the middle of the night making short dog yelps. Rusty found Tyler in the living room trying to open the sliding glass door.

Rusty opened it. "Go poop!" Tyler ran out on the deck and waited. Rusty closed the door but Tyler was waiting for Rusty. He did not run down to poop. So Rusty opened the door and Tyler dashed back inside.

Confused, Rusty went back to bed.

The next morning this is what he found
Tyler had taken Rusty's old shoes from the trash (Rusty bought new ones that week) and placed them on the spot where Rusty stood to open the door.

Then Tyler pooped to show that he had wanted Rusty to walk him out to potty.

Rusty was amazed at the obvious message written by the young pup. "Dad! I tried to open the door but couldn't - then you did but you didn't walk out - so I had to do it inside but put your old shoes there so you'd understand what I had needed you to do."
German Shepherd at Big Basin in Modesto, California Tyler visited Big Basin Dog Training which specialized in the German sports dog training called shutzhund.

The owner, Gary, was very nice to Tyler and called him a cute puppy.
German Shepherd in the Big Basin training office Tyler was very impressed with the credentials of Big Basin. Attending school there was the best one his master could find.
German Shepherd at Big Basin, trophy case of trainer Gary Parks Tyler wanted to be a great dog when he grew up, and knew that choosing the right school to start off would make all the difference in life.
German Shepherd starts puppy class at 5 months old On his first day of class Tyler was drawn to a man on the bleachers so he walked up to him to say hello.

That man was with a woman who had a very well trained dog.
German Shepherd in puppy class with Gary Parks, Big Basin In Tyler's class was a doberman, and a cute young labrador.
German Shepherd learns dog play skills with other puppys in class at Big Basin Tyler was happy to learn that part of the purpose of the class was to socialize with other dogs. "Wow!" he thought to himself. "This is a fun school!"
German Shepherd plays with doberman whose tail was run over when owner back car out of driveway... Want to see Tyler and the doberman in a larger photo?
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German Shepherd with doberman who had plastic surgery on ears Sniff?



Sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff!

"Wow! Doberman smells great" thought Tyler.
"Wow! Tyler smells great" thought Doberman.

Doberman has to have ears in a cast after being broken in an accident Tyler enjoyed his first day of school.
German Shepherd puppy meets adult german shepherd in puppy class The teacher had a full grown shutzhund (German for sports dog) that was perfectly trained.

Tyler spun in circles, then barked when he saw what this dog could do! After the demonstration the big male German Shepherd actually came over to sit by Tyler.

Tyler was star struck.
German Shepherd puppy meets adult german shepherd in puppy class The big shutzhund liked Tyler!
German Shepherd puppy meets adult german shepherd in puppy class It was like they were playmates from the start.

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German Shepherd puppy meets adult german shepherd in puppy class The two shepherds wrestled and rolled in the grass together obviously enjoying each other's company.
German Shepherd puppy meets adult german shepherd in puppy class Tyler was having the best time in his life. The big adult was totally gentle with him!
German Shepherd puppy meets adult german shepherd in puppy class The big guy is teaching youngster Tyler to play in a friendly manner.
German Shepherd puppy takes a pee in puppy class Wonder Dog was so excited he went to the tree line and shot out a powerful stream of urine to mark his first successful day of school.
German Shepherd puppy exhausted after a full day of adventures Soon enough class was over and he went home with his master, Rusty.

Tyler was so tuckered out from all that excitement that he fell asleep with his paws holding Rusty's feet.

Later in the afternoon Rusty took Tyler to The Woodward Reservoir. He attached a 30' lunge line to his collar. A nice helpful man named Kenny carried Tyler into the lake to let him swim.

Amazingly the wonder dog swam perfectly, as if he had lessons in a previous life time. He ran up the shore to Rusty and shook of his thick black coat of fur.

They went home where Tyler danced about playing with his toys. This had been the greatest ever day of his dog life.

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