Tyler's toys & dog deck
Tyler had a dog deck just for him. It was his dog apartment. He laid out all his favorite toys; a stick, the towel from his dog house, a cow femur bone, a black ball with a hole it he found one evening while walking, a red tug toy Reggie gave him for his birthday (6-months old), a chunk of wood, and one of Rusty's socks.
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Photos (unobserved) through the sliding glass door

Tyler didn't want the towel in his dog house. He wanted it outside where he could play with it.

Rusty put it back in, Tyler took it back out.
Tyler's yard was 1,000 square feet with a 6 foot high barrier. It was a safe place. With no neighbors around he could bark at the moon, take a poop, and run in and out of the house through his dog door.

He rarely barked but when he did it was because Raccoony was staring at him from a tree or the roof of the garage.

Rusty took these pictures through the sliding glass door when Tyler didn't know he was being watched.
Tyler was so happy he rolled around the deck and barked.
Sometimes Rusty came out and sat in the chair to hang out with Tyler late at night.

From his chair, facing the norhtern night sky Rusty could see the big dipper whose handle pointed to the north star.
Tyler was fascinated with Bobcat.
He wanted to sniff, lick, or chase cats in the worst way.

Bobcat spent many cat hours calmly studying the dog.
Rusty did not want to see Bobcat get hurt so he taught Tyler to be calm around his cats.

Little did Rusty know that Bobcat was a pack leader who would soon put Tyler in his place.

Tyler was fascinated by the cats. Only Bobcat was brave enough to go nose to nose with him.

Bobcat could hiss loudly enough to scare Tyler into obedience. A claw swipe across the nose made the young shepherd back off and sit, then lie down.
When Rusty saw Bobcat control the dog he was amazed. There was no mistake--Bobcat made Tyler back off, sit, and lie down! Just as if Rusty had commanded him.


Bobcat is a pack leader. He has the Cesar Millan technique to control the young German Shepherd Dog.

Bobcat was cat proof that anyone could be the pack leader. Cats are a lot smarter than many people think they are.

More adventures of Tyler the Wonder Dog...coming soon...