Tyler's big bone
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Tyler: 2010 adventures
Rusty enjoyed watching Tyler trot along on their evening tractor walk.

Tyler had a happy way of walking.
When they got to the end of the walk Tyler took the lead like a sled dog, using his harness to help pull the tractor about 1/10th of a mile per hour faster.

The Internet had information about the German Shepherd Dog. It said they had a special gait—they actually trotted. Sure enough it showed up in photos.

Tyler trotted!
Tyler was hanging out on his grooming table

Rusty called him -"Here Tyler!"

Rusty gave Tyler his big dog bone
Tyler had picked out this big bone himself when they were at Petsmart. He was a smart dog because it was the biggest of all the bones.

At the cash register Rusty gulped at how much it cost. But he had said to Tyler that he could pick out the one he wanted.
Tyler enjoyed this bone!
Tyler also had one of Rusty's socks because he loved his master's scent. He didn't chew Rusty's socks, he just liked the smell. Go figure.
Rusty would have to ask at the meat store if they sold big cow femur bones. Petsmart charged too much money.

As long as Tyler was happy with something good to chew that was important. He was a puppy, still teething, and chewing was pretty much a full time job.

More adventures of Tyler the Wonder Dog...coming soon...