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"No eat yummy fish!"
San Francisco Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park
Tyler visited the cactus & succulent garden

He smelled cactus just  like the ones Rusty grew at home.

Sure enough Tyler was correct. That one grows so fast Rusty called it "fastest."

Tyler knew the names of some cactus

This one is called St. Peter's, or San Pedro.
This is the same one Rusty has at home

It grows so fast the columns fall over. Rusty picks up the broken one to root into new plants.

It was after 5:00 PM on a cold, foggy day.
All the tourists had left. Rusty & Tyler were all alone in the Botanical Gardens. It was quiet, peaceful but also lonely.
"I'm hungry!" said Rusty. Tyler was hungry, too. Off they went looking for a sandwich shop on their way back to the Ocean Beach parking lot.

Rusty knew about the community of stores along Irving - West of 19th Ave. Soon they found Lucca foods.

Rusty had pastrami & cheese. He bought a grilled chicken breast for Tyler who wolfed it down. Then Rusty bought him 1/4 pound of deli sliced roast beef. Tyler said "Yummy roast beef! New favorite food!"

It had been a big day. Tyler fell asleep during the drive home.
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