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"No eat yummy fish!"
California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park
Tyler met the extreme mammal
August 3, 2010

Rusty asked Tyler to sit for this photo after Tyler tried to sniff the giant things back side as dogs are want to do. Rusty said "No sniff dinosaur Tyler!"

Tyler observed "Big fun dinosaur no smell? What wrong?"

Rusty nodded. "Its not a real animal Tyler. Museum animals just don't have smell."

Tyler was learning a lot of strange new things about science and museums.
Tyler was banned from the rain forest room

Rusty assured him "Nothing personal. FDA regulations state no service dog in rain forest room. That is what the Museum told me."

"No eat butterfly! No eat tropical lizards!" Tyler protested to Rusty.

"Oh, Tyler - I know you would behave. But sorry big guy - Museum rules say no dogs in rain forest exhibit."

Instead Tyler enjoyed the room from the window outside.
Rain Forest room had a crocodile

Rusty was glad Tyler was not allowed in the Rain Forest exhibit. He'd want to play with the crocodile.
They took the elevator down to the swamp room
The albino alligator

This guy has his own youtube page of videos.

But Tyler could not smell him, and he didn't move so to Tyler there was nothing to notice. Nevertheless Rusty took a photo for Mom.

Rusty said "Oh well! So much for the Swamp Room Tyler. Let's go yummy fish aquarium."
Big fun yummy fish display

Tyler salivated when he got up close to the fish window.
"No eat yummy fish!"

Rusty had to warn Tyler that the fish just inches in front of his mouth were not for eating.

Tyler was, of course, very well behaved. But Rusty saw him salivate until he drooled watching the yummy fish.
San Francisco Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park
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