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Tyler: 2010 adventures
Last Puppy Class!
Raccoony's reconnaissance patrol
Raccoony had enough of being scared
"What was this dog thing?" she wondered.

Raccoony's brave heart led young Bobcat on the patrol. He followed her to check out the dog's food and water.

"Well!" said Raccoony. "Whatever this thing is it eats and drinks. It has dry food that smells funny. I wouldn't eat that." she remarked Bobcat.

Their old cat door had been replaced with a huge dog door. Raccoony checked it out to see if they could use it as an escape route should the big beast dog Tyler come after them.
Bobcat heard Tyler!
"Uh, oh!" he thought to his cat self. "The dog! Time to split"

Bobcat knew that discretion was the better part of valor as Rusty often reminded him.
Meanwhile, at puppy class
Tyler's last puppy school class
Summer was over, and so was Tyler's puppy class.

Puppy class was a bit chaotic. Many people brought dogs with whom they had no control.

One woman screamed her dog's name over and over again as it strained on the leash trying to get at another dog. "Ginger! Sit! Sit! Ginger Ginger GINGER! GinnnnGER! Sit!" It was pretty dumb. People with the least control over their dog seemed to not listen to the instructor. Tyler said to Rusty "They didn't watch The Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan, did they?" Rusty nodded.

One dog in particular was not neutered and behaved aggressively towards Tyler. The owner was a clueless jerk, his snarling boxer on a flimsy retractable leash. When his dog attacked Tyler he had no leash control.

Rusty pulled Tyler back to safety. He looked at Rusty and said "That dog is a jerk, isn't he?" Rusty nodded.
  Some dogs wore the bandages of cosmetic surgery because the owners focused on how a dog looked. Tyler saw a Doberman who had a special antennae surgically implanted in it's head to get digital TV signals.

Tyler looked at Rusty "Are you going to do surgery on my ears?" he asked.

Rusty shook his head. "You have beautiful ears Tyler. You are a beautiful dog. I love you just the way the Angels made you."

Tyler was glad.

Puppy class was useful mostly in that it let Tyler meet a lot of stupid dogs with clueless owners. The people seemed to think of the dog as a toy, a pet, a possession, but not as a sentient being.

Rusty & Tyler learned from puppy class that they had a special destiny together, something big to do. It was about love, joy, and being a light in the world. One that would illuminate the truth that all of nature is sentient. That we live as part of a vast interconnected system of life.
Time creates enlightened beings
Rusty explained to young Tyler that his dog soul was very special, —had taken ten thousand Angels years to create him. This was because Tyler was a rare gift to the world; his purpose was to be a source of joy and love. Rusty said "It is sort of like the Dalai Lama in that there is only one living on earth at a time."

Tyler asked what the Dalai Lama was for. Rusty said "To remind us that all beings want freedom from suffering. The Dalai Lama teaches that time is a machine which produces enlightened beings."

Tyler nodded as he thought "Wow!" to his dog self. He was glad Rusty was his master.

Rusty nodded. Tyler nodded.

As they drove away from the last puppy class Tyler thought over in is dog mind what Rusty had explained. He was fascinated with the idea that - "Time is a machine whose purpose is to produce enlightened beings." Tyler knew that he, too, yearned to become an enlightened being.

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