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After the beach, Pizza!
Tyler ran about meeting dogs whenever Rusty shouted "Ok play! Ok meet dogs!"
(below) That is Sausalito in the background - across the Golden Gate bay entrance
Tyler met a Siberian husky that smelled good!
Tyler ran down the beach.

He ran up the beach.

He sniffed dogs, chased them, and sniffed some more.

It was a lovely day. Tyler had fun. Rusty was happy.

Tyler had graduated from his summer class of "Dog meeting & play 101" Rusty awarded him an A.

Tyler was gentle & playful, but dashed away from angry snapping dogs. Rusty taught him not to bark, not to fight, not to stare at another dog (that can lead to a fight).

Tyler had learned good dog meeting skills.
Rich people sailed by in their millionaire yachts. Rusty gave them the finger.
Tyler enjoyed the clean ocean air of the bay. He was fascinated with all the boats & wind surfers.
I'm hungry! Let's go North Beach!
Rusty commanded - "Tyler stay! Guard the scooter!"
Tyler waited patiently for his yummy Italian food treat after a long day at the beach. When it was ready they'd scooter across the street to Washington Square park to eat pizza while Rusty sat on a wood bench.
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