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Exploratorium - Crissy Field - North Beach
Rusty told Tyler "Big fun San Francisco tomorrow"

Tyler was so excited he rolled in the grass. Every time Rusty packed their electric scooter in the car it meant a new adventure.
"Exploratorium smell funny" said Tyler.

It was filled with science stuff, and children.
The Gyroid was crawling with children but dogs were not allowed.

"No fun Gyroid" Rusty lamented.
Tyler couldn't understand the science demonstrations

His dog brain just couldn't wrap itself around the exhibits about electromagnetism, resonance, sound, or lasers.
Tyler enjoyed the cool floor with all the happy people around him. Even though he didn't understand science he felt the good vibes of the Exploratorium. Grownups and kids were having fun.

"OK! Enough science stuff. Let's go outside!"
declared Rusty.
No chase poopy birds!

Rusty felt Tyler deserved to have a bit of fun so he dropped the leash to allow Tyler to trot towards a flock of pigeons. They flew away.

A passerby exclaimed "Hey! Don't let your dog chase the birds!"

Rusty took back the leash and admonished Tyler "No chase poopy pidgeons!"
Let's go Crissy Field beach meet dogs have fun!

Tyler was eager to smell some city dogs so off they went to the San Francisco Bay beach while the sun was warm.

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