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Tyler's 4th of July San Francisco
"The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco."
Rusty & Tyler scootered back to the Maritime National Historic Park to wait for the Fireworks show.
But they were both hungry after the yummy duck because they needed carbohydrates. They went searching for pizza. Rusty asked one of the police officers directing traffic. He said "Gino's! Right around the corner there has good pizza by the slice." The picture below was not taken on 4th of July. That day it was packed with people on sidewalks, and walking in the streets.
Gino's Pizza fell into a time dilation hole
Tyler guarded the scooter while Rusty suffered a long wait in a slow line from Hell. This was Fisherman's Wharf, and Gino's was a first class tourist pizza trap.

Inside Gino's the man taking orders had the effectiveness of a first grade child suffering from Alzheimer's. Example: Four men speaking Finnish made complicated orders for a pizza pie - saying things like "Half olives, half sausage, and half pesto". But that is 3 halves.

What was more ridiculous was that Gino's sells pizza by the slice from a glass case that was full of fresh, hot pizza - only no one in line could order any until the 4 Finnish guys were finished (is that a pun?).

Finland tried to pay with a European credit card but the card machine couldn't logon to a bank that converted Euros to dollars. Trying again and again to make it work the first grader with Alzheimer's removed & replaced the credit card machine battery - but that didn't make it work. He put in a new roll of receipt paper. Time stood still. Time may have actually begun to crawl backwards.

None of us in line could believe that this retarded order taker was so incompetent. It was almost comical except I was tired of standing and felt hungry. Luckily there were two nice tourist ladies from Ireland who joked with Rusty until one of the Finns finally pulled out a wallet and paid in US dollars. The line cheered!
Rusty quickly ordered 4 slices of cheese pizza, paid cash and split! What a time dilation hole that had been.

Imagine this cubby hole packed on fourth of July so tight you can't move.

Took 1/2 hour to get 4 slices of precooked pizza. They could have a separate line for slices and sell 10 times as many! Instead everyone has to wait in line while groups of people discuss all sorts of complicated combinations to order.

How can they stay in business? Location, location, location. Fisherman's Wharf = zillions of strangers with hungry tummies. Bad reviews in a tourist trap don't matter. Anyway, Tyler & Rusty were hungry for carbohydrates and Gino's took care of that need.

The pizza was OK. It made Rusty smile and Tyler want more human food.

Tyler had guarded the scooter on the sidewalk. Rusty brought him the box with cheese pizza. "Tyler! Wait till you snack on yummy pizza! Let's go!"
San Francisco Maritime Nation Historic Park

Rusty found a place to park the scooter where they could enjoy the rock & roll band in the Maritime park. It was OK.

Tyler's fan club kept showing up to pose with the Wonder Dog (left). They were all very nice people.

Tyler loved the cheese pizza. "Arf! Yummy Gino's" he told Rusty. Rusty nodded "Uh, huh!"

Together they each ate 2 slices. After the roast duck pizza was a good second course. After the fireworks, when they got back to the car, Rusty had another food treat - cannoli from Stella Bakery. Tyler would lick the sweet creamy filling off Rusty's finger saying "Arf! Sweet cannoli yummy good smell yummy!" But that was later.

Meanwhile at Tyler posed for more fan club photo ops.

They waited for the fireworks.
Glowing Tyler
As it grew dark Rusty put an LED headlight around Tyler's muscular neck thick with silky fur.

Rusty also bought him a glow ring from a happy girl to make him look like a rave animal.

Rusty choose purple glow because that is the spiritual aura glow of Angels.

Many people could be heard announcing "Look! The dog has a headlight!"
The Souza Co. fireworks had to be fired from a barge up into the thick, cold fog bank that had flowed in to fill up the San Francisco Bay.

Tyler was snug in his thick German Shepherd fur. Rusty was snug in his over size winter coat that wrapped him like a quilt.

Rusty told Tyler about Mark Twain. He once quipped "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco."

See all that fog!?

Instead of "boom!" they go "wump".
The explosions were muted like soft thuds. Tyler was not impressed and lay down to take a rest.

There were some cool bombs that made a smiley face but they were upside down, or sideways. Oh, and a valentine type red heart, too. That was clever.
Rusty was having fun. It had been a wonderful day of adventure with his loyal pal Tyler.
Rusty decided they better scooter out of there before the crowd tried to leave.
Good move Rusty!
He scootered down the closed off street to the Maritime Museum. That was much closer to the barge from which the fireworks were shot into the fog.

Tyler lay his head on Rusty's leg as the music blared out "Stars & Stripes Forever". The rockets electrified the air with pyrotechnic mayhem.

Tyler loved it. He and Rusty had had their first 4th of July together and it had been a memorable one.

Back at the car they each ate a cannoli for desert waiting for the traffic to die down before trying to reach the freeway.


Back Home on the farm by 2:00 AM
Hours later they arrived home in the Central Valley.

Cats Raccoony & Bobcat met Tyler in the kitchen to welcome him home. The cats were excited to hear all their amazing stories about the big city, but they didn't believe most of it.
Raccoony reminded Tyler of his job to protect cats
Tyler was the guardian of the cats. He was responsible to defend the cat door from wild animals such as feral cats that tried to break in.

Tyler was excused for taking the night off only because it was the fourth of July holiday. Raccoony wanted him back on the job guarding the cat entrance.

All the cats felt safe to have the big guys Rusty & Tyler home again.

It had been a long, exciting day so Tyler and Rusty went to sleep. They slept, and slept, then slept some more. They slept the sleep of happy souls whose deep inner bond had allowed them to share a big fun adventure.

Next adventure of Tyler the Wonder Dog...

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