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Tyler's 4th of July San Francisco
Maritime Museum Beach & the Marina Green
(above) Rusty held Tyler on a 30' long line, with about 5' of that looped around his waist to keep the beast from tackling any children
Cold, salty, wavy, ocean water
Wet sand, cold fog slipping into the Bay on afternoon breezes. Tyler's senses were delighted!
Tyler knew what water was, of course, but this water seemed alive with magical energy making it rise up in rows that threw themselves at him. He chased them out then ran backward to get away as they rushed in.
Tyler wanted to tackle girls in play -but Rusty kept him in check.
Tyler watched as a tourist wrote her name in the sand.
Rusty felt good inside to see his dog pal exploring the wonders of mother nature.

(above) Big fun beach. Tyler enjoyed the warm sand as his dog brain overloaded with the unusual images, smells, ocean breezes, and temptation to chase little children or doggies. San Francisco was rocking Tyler's dog world.
"Tyler! Lets go back to car!" Rusty declared
(below) Scootering over the step hill at Fort Mason. Alcatraz Island is in the background over Tyler's head.
They made it to the free parking space
Tyler lay down to work on a big bowl of ice water from the cooler. His dog brain spun around contemplating all the smells & sounds of San Francisco he'd taken in that afternoon.

Rusty shared big juicy hunks of roast duck with him. Tyler discovered duck was his newest favorite food.
Marina Green
The wind & fog were making their way into the Bay so Rusty put on his warm winter coat in order to continue on with their scooter adventure. Tyler of course always wore his warm German Shepherd coat so the chill didn't bother him.
Tyler was tired.
Rusty was tired.

They had left early to drive from the valley to the city. They'd scootered a long adventure, eaten yummy duck. Now it was time to take a nap.

Rusty wrapped himself up in his big winter coat while Tyler lay down to rest.
Marina Green grass had abundant tiny flowers that reminded Rusty of that scene in The Wizard of Oz where they fell asleep in the field of poppies.

Tyler practiced his happy dog roll. Grass always felt good on his back.
Tyler was happy. San Francisco was a strange new experience but Rusty was happy so he was, too.
Rusty watched the pretty kites fluttering in the foggy wind.
The afternoon wore on as the fog flowed through the Golden Gate.
"Hey Tyler! Let's head back to the Fisherman's Wharf to watch free fireworks show.
I'm hungry for carbohydrates let's find pizza."
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