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Tyler's 4th of July San Francisco
Fisherman's Wharf
(above) Yummy boiled crab! Rusty bought one, put it in the ice cooler to bring home. He ate it the next day - delicious!
Tyler lay down to rest
Many people went past saying "What a beautiful dog!" or they said "What a huge German Shepherd!"

Tyler was just happy to rest his paws. San Francisco was not only big fun but lots of walking on pavement.

Rusty bought a cooked crab to take back to the ice cooler in the car.
Tyler the tourist
Rusty needed to pee

"Tyler guard scooter! Tyler STAY!"

Ahhhh...that felt better. When he came out Tyler was like a little soldier guarding their vehicle.

"Good boy! Good guard!" he praised. A woman nearby said "Yes, he was very good guarding your scooter. What a beautiful dog!"

"Thank you. I am very luck to have Tyler. He's a great dog." Rusty replied.

Tyler beamed with pride.

Suddenly Japanese tourist girls discovered Tyler

"We take photo pretty dog?" they asked. Rusty and Tyler enthusiastically nodded.
(below) Suddenly Japanese tourist girls discovered Tyler.
(above) Big fun Japanese girls took turns taking photos with Tyler. (below) Tyler was adored by one woman in particular.
One girl in particular was very nice to Tyler

"Japanese girl smell good!"
Tyler was thinking.

Japanese girl said "Big fun magic dog! Oh I love Tyler!"

Tyler asked Rusty "Is girl my friend like cat?" Rusty replied "Yes, Tyler. Girl is friend. Just like your pal Bobcat"
Magic dog is special!

Soon the Asian tourist girls wanted to know all about Tyler. They could feel his deep spiritual nature -just as the Dalai Lama and others have noticed.

They took many pictures.
Next adventure of Tyler the Wonder Dog...

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