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Tyler's 4th of July San Francisco
(above) Chinatown was vibrant in the July sun.
Rusty navigated to Commercial Street where the Mow Lee Co. was tucked away. The research on Yelp said this was the best place to buy preserved duck, and other Chinese BBQ meats.

Chinese people were lined up in the store. It only held a few at a time since it was so compact.

Tyler guarded the door to mark their place in line. He smelled preserved duck and was licking his lips to taste some.
Rusty looked at his dog companion, seeing the joyful soul that lived inside.

"You good dog, Tyler. You big fun San Francisco! Happy fourth of July, happy Chinatown!" Then Rusty hugged Tyler, giving him a kiss.
(below) Lady takes down a preserved duck. Ducks are cut lengthwise through one side so it can be flattened, salted & preserved.
Hot BBQ duck

"Tyler! Let's go roast duck place yummy eat!"
Rusty said with excitement. This was the restuarant he found on Yelp that offers fresh BBQ roast meats including duck.

Soon they were there at Broadway almost to where it goes into the tunnel through one of San Francisco's hills.

"Arf! Roasting duck smell good!" Tyler thought.
Chinatown moles!
Rusty was scared by Chinese men with huge moles that sprouted long hair.

"Tyler! Hairy Chinese mole thing must be oriental symbol of good luck or something...I dunno..."

Tyler was scared! He barked hairy mole men!
Rusty bought two orders of duck
The chef guy at the counter grabbed golden brown roast duck and cut up with a meat clever. Put in "to go" box.

When Rusty saw how much change he got back he ordered a second one. "Wow! Good roast duck inexpensive" he thought to himself.

Rusty looked around at the small restaurant and only saw local Chinese hunched over bowls of noodles with big chunks of meat on top.

"Yummy eat here" he thought. Next time order noodles & duck. But Tyler had to wait outside so he was in a hurry to get back to his dog pal before someone dog napped him for Chinese BBQ dinner.
Tyler licked his lips
"Yummy BBQ smell good!"

Rusty shouted "Hey! Let's go Fisherman's wharf!"

He packed up the tubs of hot BBQ duck and off they scootered towards the San Francisco Bay.
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