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Tyler's 4th of July San Francisco
North Beach
Rusty followed his google map to Caffe Capriccio because people had voted it a nice place with very good cappuccino.

Rusty was in a dazed state of amazement to be in San Francisco after so many years. He was having fun with the electric scooter and Tyler trotting along with him.

It was a "Big fun San Francisco" day alright.

Inside the cafe the man who served him was very nice. The cappaccino was pretty with the foam swirly thing. Rusty offered some to Tyler who thought it too bitter for his dog taste. "OK then" he said and drank all the coffee to himself. Yummy coffee!

Washington Square Park
Big green grassy park!
Suddenly they were at Washington Square park on Columbus Ave. That was the heart of North Beach.

Tyler enjoyed the grass right away.
Tyler did his "happy dog" grass roll.
Soon Tyler discovered a girl German Shepherd and went to play with her. Rusty let go of the nylon leash to allow him to chase her.
Tyler liked how Samantha smelled. He'd follow her anywhere.
(above) German Shepherd heart throb Samantha sat with her ball under the shade trees.
(above) Tyler followed Samantha to a park bench where a scary looking guy gave Rusty the evil eye.
(above) Tyler stalking wolf like about the park dragging his leash.
Rusty allowed Tyler to run free because when he blew the special Acme ultrasonic whistle Tyler always ran back to him - charging in joy like a freight train dog.
Samantha smell good!

Tyler kept thinking "Big fun girl dog!"
Samantha's owners were amazed with how big and beautiful was Tyler. So they walked over to Rusty to tell him so.

They said Samantha was 10 years old. "Oh Tyler! She's an older woman - she'll just break your heart!" but his dog was star struck with the lovely girl from the smell good city by the ocean.
Tyler enjoyed a water drink.
Fairy God Mother
At the edge of Washington Square Park a lovely San Francisco lady met Tyler.

"OH! What a beautiful dog! He looks exactly like the dog I grew up with as a child. May I pet him? May I give him a doggie biscuit? They are all organic from Trader Joes..."

The lady reached into her shopping bag to produce the treat for Tyler.

Tyler said "Yummy treat cookie! Thank you lady in white!"
No cannoli
Rusty knew about the famous Trieste coffee house. Tyler guarded the scooter while Rusty went inside to buy cannoli.


Cafe Trieste had no cannoli.

Hot jammin base player
Tyler began tapping his paws when they passed a base player on Columbus Ave. It was loud, but low frequency so Tyler felt the notes in his massive German Shepherd chest.

"Thumpy-thump!" commented Tyler. "Give money good person music thumpy?" Tyler asked.

Rusty placed a $5 bill in the musician's collection basket.
Stella Pastry & Cafe
Rusty said "Let's get more yummy treats!"

Tyler said "Arf good thinking!"

(below) Yummy North Beach Italian pastries at Stella Bakery & Cafe.
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