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Tyler's 4th of July San Francisco
Bay Views
(above) Alcatraz Island was once a big prison for bad dogs
They found a free place to park! Scooter parts all back together! Let's go big fun San Francisco!

Tyler was amazed by the new smell of ocean.

"Ocean smell good!" he said. Even though it was technically the bay, they were mere miles from the great Golden Gate Bridge where real Pacific Ocean waters flowed into the San Francisco Bay.

The scooter made it to the top of the hill at Fort Mason. So Rusty took a photo of Tyler with the Golden Gate Bridge behind him. Only it was almost hidden by the fog rolling in.

Tyler was excited to keep going.

"Arf! What next?" he wondered as his dog brain flooded with sounds, smells, the sight of tourist crowds with their children - some had dogs, too!
Tyler enjoyed the ocean breeze! "Cool air smell good" he thought.
At the bottom of the hill was the Maritime Museum with a lovely beach. From there Tyler could see Alcatraz Island where long ago the bad dogs were put in prison.
Sea breezes rushed over Tyler

Tyler kept thinking "San Francisco smell good!"

Tyler wanted to stay but Rusty said "I need cappucino! Let's go North beach find coffee house!"
Next adventure of Tyler the Wonder Dog...

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