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Tyler's 4th of July San Francisco
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Once upon a time, long ago in a previous life, Rusty lived in San Francisco. After leaving in 1978 he had never gone back to San Francisco to enjoy it as a tourist. In 2010 Tyler and Rusty lived in the California Central Valley in a cowboy town called Oakdale. It was about 100 miles from the city. Tyler had never seen the ocean or the Golden Gate bridge; an experience that could change a dog's life by inspiring him to go to college or something. One day Rusty said "Hey Tyler! Let's go big fun San Francisco 4th of July!" He wanted to give his dog friend this wonderful opportunity so he spent his nights on Google searching maps, looking for the best place to buy Chinese roast duck, stuff like that. He learned there would be a free 4th of July Souza Co. fireworks show. That sounded like fun. Tyler wanted to see a fireworks show!
Tyler become more and more excited everyday as Rusty planned their adventure. "Tyler!" he'd exclaim "We found the best place to buy Chinese BBQ duck - yummy"

Then he'd look at Tyler saying "Big fun San Francisco!"

Before the boy and his dog left home they already knew where to park, get cappucino, cannoli, BBQ duck, and view the fireworks.

[Large Google Earth map of Tyler's trip...]

Want to see the larger size map of Tyler's journey?
"Electric scooter come apart put pieces in car can Rusty put back together?" asked Tyler

Soon the scooter was humming. Boy & dog went off to a special holiday adventure. Big fun San Francisco!

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