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Heartworm Prevention for Dummies
Ivormectin for heartworm prevention | Other meds | Diluting Ivomec
Years of misinformation is recorded on the Internet like brain damage regarding the heartworm prevention dose for dogs using inexpensive Ivomec 1%. The conflicting dosage advice proves why forums need moderators to edit such pages. The worst one is chronologically backward (oldest post first). It has 156 replies starting with the oldest post - July, 2005 - that kicked off the very bad idea of giving undiluted Ivomec. No one challenged that bad advice for 2 years!
Someone should delete the misinformation related to giving a dog Ivomec straight from the bottle at a dose of 1/10 ml per 10 pounds of body weight. That is 37 times the correct dose. Apparently the folks at GardenWeb have not yet discovered the value of editing out misinformation. RE: http://forums2.gardenweb.com
Monthly dog dose in Heartgard is 2.72 mcg/lb (6 mcg/kg)
I give my German Shepherd the equivalent ivermectin dose in Heartgard. A 50 pound dog needs a monthly oral dose of 136 mcg (136 millionths of a gram). Thus I can see that there is a wide margin of safety because the LD50 is thousands of times the dose used to prevent heartworm. Ivermectin safety results in its action on the nervous system of an insect, not a mammal.
LD50 = 80mg/kg
The ivermectin lethal dose for 50% of animals (LD50) is 13,000 times the dose given to a dog for heartworm prevention. So much for vets who post "warnings" on the Internet.
Vets, vet techs, pet stores, and manufacturers of products such as Heartgard have a vested ($financial) interest in having me pay them $76/year—but I can do this for $0.03/month. That's right - it only costs about 3 cents a month.

This page relates to using ivermectin to prevent heartworms in a 120 lb. German Shepherd. If I didn't pay attention in grade school to learn weights & measures then I'd make sure I got permission from my parents or other grownup persons to help me. READ: How to kill a dog with stupidity + ivermectin.
How simple is it, really? My dog receives 6 mcg/kg each month.
Take 1 ml Ivomec. Dilute in 9 ml of propylene glycol. Give a 100 pound dog 1/3 ml monthly mixed in food (equivalent dose to Heartgard medication). That's it.
The biggest lie is that I might overdose my dog using Ivomec (for cattle) purchased from the feed store. Ivermectin is ivermectin - the Ivomec product is every bit as good as anything a vet uses.

To do this myself, without a vet, I have to be intelligent enough to know micrograms from milligrams and understand what a milliliter is. I can do that!
Dogs require a dose in microgram amounts; not a huge horse or cow dose in milligrams.

To kill my dog, the LD50 = 80 mg/kg

If my dog weighed 50 pounds the lethal dose = 22 kg x 80 mg = 1,818 mg —that is 1.8 grams! That would be more than 3 bottles of Ivomec!

I don't want my dog to get heartworms
There is no reason to put my dog at risk. It only costs pennies a year to prevent this nasty parasite.

I make it a point to administer the preventative dose on the first of every month so I don't forget.

View this chart comparing medications
Mosquito-borne Dog Heartworm Disease [more...]

Each year thousands of dogs become disabled or die from lung, heart or circulatory problems caused by heartworm disease...caused by a large thread-like round worm, Dirofilaria immitis...because of their location, are commonly called "dog heartworms." ...cases have been reported from dogs native to all 50 states. ...the danger of infection is greatest during the summer when temperatures are favorable for mosquito breeding."

Some breeds have a genetic sensitivity and can have toxic symptoms at only 15 to 200 the therapeutic dose. "...breeds considered at high risk for ivermectin toxicity are collies, Shetland sheepdogs, Australian shepherds, and Old English sheepdogs. Not every individual dog from these breeds is sensitive to ivermectin...these breeds are not at risk when using the low dose heartworm preventive products; only when using the off-label skin parasite protocols."
How I prevent heartworms in Tyler for $0.02/month
Vets are too damn expensive for me
One of the most recommended medications is Revolution by Pfizer Inc. The Pfizer Revolution website is an example of paternalistic marketing that promotes veterinarians.

I can't afford all the costs associated with obtaining the product. Revolution requires a prescription. The vet has to do a lab test first to see if the dog has heartworms; if the test is positive then there is a different course of medication to first kill the worms.

But the best thing to do is make sure Tyler never gets heartworms by administering a monthly dose of ivermectin.

To obtain Revolution I'd have to pay: $50 visit to the Vet, $45 for the heartworm test, $62 for 3 month's dose of Revolution...that is $157.00 minimum.

View this chart comparing medications
Yes! I want to see how you make the dilution for Tyler The Wonder Dog!
Ivormectin for heartworm prevention | Other meds | Diluting Ivomec
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