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Tyler learned dog martial arts
Tyler and Shooter wrestled furiously in dog martial arts training. Tyler learned to force his opponent to the ground clamping his mouth over the throat in the way canines kill.
There was no other way for Tyler to learn this. No AKC class in dog fighting 101.

Rusty was grateful to Nissen Dairy for giving Tyler the opportunity to learn dog play fighting from this superior teacher.

The German Shorthair is a highly bred dog developed for speed, agility, and hunting skill.

It was wonderful to watch Shooter teaching Tyler how to dog wrestle. Tyler was becoming faster, more clever, and developing his own style of attack & defense.

Rusty hoped that if Tyler was ever attacked by a mean, aggressive dog that he'd be able to defend himself instinctively without being hurt.
Shooter liked to rear up and smash into Tyler.
They were an interesting match; one had size & power - the other had speed & power.
No matter how much they "fought" there was never any bad feeling.

The two dogs enjoyed physical contact with each other. It was fun they couldn't get enough of.

Rusty and Tyler thought Nissen Dairy was a great place.

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