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No eat children! No poop in park! No mount boxer!
"Tyler! Let's go to the Post Office to mail the rent check." Rusty said

They sped through Boxville with Tyler off leash. Then Rusty noticed Tyler wasn't with him. Looking back - oh no! Tyler was squatting to take a dump in the Boxville park.

Women with children saw this offense so Rusty had to go back to clean it up.
Rusty had to search through a trash can to find a plastic bag to clean up Tyler's stinky poo.
Tyler chased the children as they ran from him screaming - thinking it was a game. Rusty saw a law suit in the making.

As Rusty grabbed the poop he heard children screaming. When he looked up he was horrified to see Tyler chasing a little girl.

"Tyler! No eat children!" he shouted. Then he blew the ultrasonic dog whistle carried on a string about his neck. Instantly Tyler broke off the chase to charge back to his side.

Thinking quickly he commanded "Sit". "Oh my God Tyler! Don't eat children!" he implored. "It will spoil your appetite for dinner!"

Luckily the mothers of the kids saw how well behaved Tyler was, how obediently he had followed commands. They were not alarmed, and the children were just playing. The child had been screaming in fun because she yelled "Doggie fun, momma!"

Tyler thought child was fun, too, because he bolted away to chase the girl again. Once more Rusty blew his whistle and Tyler broke off the chase to return to him. He tossed the poop in the trash can, mounted his electric scooter to dash away from the park before Tyler caused any further mayhem.
A mile latter they passed a front yard where a brown rat like dog ran about on a 20 foot rope. "YAP-YAP-YAP!" it shrieked as Tyler and Rusty sped past. The owner, a woman of about 50 years ran to protect her dog from the huge vicious German Shepherd (Tyler) bearing down on her little doggie.

Rusty used the Cesar Millan technique of distracting the dog brain by giving several "SSTTT!" commands to get Tyler's attention as they neared the insanely yapping dog. It worked. Tyler stayed along side him instead of charging the lawn to eat the dog.

As they passed the woman relaxed when she saw how well controlled Tyler was. Rusty heard her shout "Beautiful dog!" Rusty praised Tyler "Good Tyler! No eat yappy rat dog!"
They rode on through the warm summer evening.

Tyler had run off leash clear across town, over the railroad tracks, through traffic, and reached the Post Office. Rusty gave him a bowl of water before heading off to the park.
In the park
At the band stand teenage girls were auditioning for some modeling thing.

Each one in turn strutted out on stage as their choice of music blared over the speakers. Rusty watched one young lady turn to show her back side, flipped her hair, etc.

It was so pathetic to see young human women demeaning themselves this way that he had to turn 180 degrees to watch his dog instead.
Rusty smiled at him thinking how very, very lucky he was to have such a good friend as this magnificent German Shepherd. A dog so smart, obedient, responsive, loyal, and absolutely fun to be with every day.

A 70 MPH Amtrak train screamed along the parks length that ran against the Southern Pacific tracks. Then they headed on for the market.
Tyler did his "Happy dog!" routine by rolling on his back kicking legs into the air. He squirmed to cover his body into the cool, deep green grass. He was a joyful dog.
When Rusty & Tyler reached the crossing gate to get back to their side of the tracks another train was approaching; its headlight piercing the dusky light of sunset.

"Clang-clang-clang!" sounded the crossing gates when they were half way across the triple set of tracks. A woman ahead of them - facing them - was on a bicycle with her children on bicycles. Confused by Rusty in an electric wheelchair plus a huge dog she stopped broadside blocking their way as the far gate was coming down.

The woman was almost in a panic thinking that something disastrous would happen - man stranded between crossing gate with dog gone wild; something like that.

Instead Rusty ducked his head to scoot under the closing gate as Tyler galloped along with him. They veered to the left to go around the woman, her mouth agape, as if she was just an impediment they had avoided many times before.
They cut down a side street to reach the market where Rusty would buy Tyler a huge cow femur bone and a dozen eggs for himself. That is when Rusty spotted a treasure. A free peach tree! It was loaded with gorgeous yellow peaches that were fair game since anyone could grab them from the sidewalk. He tossed two of the biggest, ripest ones in the front basket. "Tyler! Free peach tree! Good find" and sped on.
One block from home they passed a lovely boxer being leash walked. Rusty had a hunch.

"Is your dog friendly?" was met with "She doesn't like black dogs..."

The young couple were cautious, fearful about allowing their girl to meet a strange German Shepherd. Rusty assured them Tyler was gentle and well socialized. They were scared and skeptical.

Rusty let go of Tyler. Soon enough the two dogs were in love! The couple laughed when their boxer girl began swapping saliva with Tyler.

When Tyler mounted her he grabbed his dog to pull him away. "Tyler! You're way too young to know about that! You're fixed! How did you know to do that with a girl?!"

The sun had set. They said thank you and good night to the owners of the lovely boxer girl.
Half a dozen times, as they scootered towards their corner, Tyler looked back to get another peak at the girl he had so suddenly fallen in love with. "Tyler in love!"  Rusty remarked.

He reflected on what a busy outing this had been; one where Tyler had pooped in Boxville, chased children, not eaten a chiuahua, rolled in the grass, out run the commuter train, and then fallen in love.

It had been another memorable evening walk.

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