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Cesar's Way its about Mother Nature
Once upon a time a boy grew up in 1950s America with a wonderful, loyal family dog.

Dogs were not neutered, they were not leashed. Only in the 1960s did the town begin requiring a dog license.

The boy grew up and left his home in the peaceful country side.
As a young man he went to college in the dark, congested cities of the late 20th century. The air was as filthy as the streets.

That was no place to have a dog.

Year after year he slaved away on the treadmill of urban life. It was an unrewarding struggle that never led to happiness.

Dogs were incarcerated around him in back yards barking endlessly.
Some few people actually walked their dog on a leash but had to pick up the dog poop.

He was disgusted to see these neighbors slip one hand into a plastic bag to pick up a fresh, stinking turd.

As a child he had never seen the poop from his family dog who deposited it in the woods behind the house.
Finally he retired to the country. He wanted to have a dog again but everyone around him only had annoying, out of control, yappy house rats they called "a dog."

But the boy, now old and gray, knew those ankle biters were nothing like the dignified dog of his youth.
He wanted a real dog. So he prayed

"Dear Heavenly Father, please help me have the magnificent dog of my dreams. Thank you God."
One day the man saw Cesar Millan on National Geographic Channel
The (old and gray) boy watched Cesar's show for several years. Then he felt he was ready for a dog.

But it was not as easy as the TV show. Angel Reggie Conley and Luke adopted to him a young German Shepherd. The dog Tyler was a big, big handful. A high powered sports car. Like a loaded gun.

The boy despaired and considered giving Tyler up because it was too much to handle. But he kept watching Cesar's TV shows - really paying attention to what Cesar was saying. He took private lessons with a dog trainer followed by 5 sessions of puppy class, then more private lessons, then beginning obedience, then intermediate obedience, then rally obedience.

He learned about leashes, long lines, harnesses and correction collars. The boy followed Cesar's advice to exercise his dog every day. Every single day! In the rain he wore a poncho. When it was too cold & stormy he went to the mall and used the electric mobility cart there for inside walking.

He bought his own electric scooter to give his canine friend the 3-to-5 miles a day it needed to trot about the neighborhood.

When his dog was about 1-year old he let go of the leash out on a walk. His dog stayed near him. Soon he discovered that the bond between him and the dog was so deep they were like one being.

Cesar was right in his essential premise that a dog has a pure connection to Mother Nature; by staying calm we can connect with that. It balances us, it balances me.
 He's right! Americans have foolishly humanized dogs, June 26, 2010
What a breath of fresh air this book is to me!

Cesar's TV show amazed me how the dog owners always blame their dog for having all sorts of "human behavior" type problems. Then Cesar rehabilitates the dog from the sick behavior of the owners only to find they are unable to change their ways.

EXAMPLE: One woman had a hyperactive miniature pinscher that was totally out of control. She never exercised the dog, let alone trained him. Cesar took the dog rollerblading and it came home all happy & tired. The woman wanted to "give doggie a cookie to show how happy mommy is..." and Cesar said - "No! The dog knows how you feel by your energy". But the woman insisted that she had to show doggie how much she loved it by giving a cookie.

At the end of the show Cesar did an update on the woman with that miniature pinscher. She had it put to sleep. Euthanized. Killed. Destroyed. This episode epitomizes the difficulty of Cesar's message; he is delivering uncomfortable information that people don't want to hear.

Most dog lovers, Cesar warns, get angry with him. Like the woman who loved her "little doggie baby" so much she had it killed - people have lost touch with nature to a frightening degree. As a result millions of dogs are destroyed every year.

If you are not a moron, if you respect the spirit in a dog and are in touch with your connection to Mother Nature you'll nod in resonance with Cesar. He's not only a master of martial arts; he's a master of the connection with nature.

When I grew up in the 1950s a dog was "man's best friend". Then life grew crazy and Americans made dogs into mere accessories they could treat like dolls. Today almost all dogs are yakking annoyances whose owners yell the dog's name in various inflections of anger and negativity as if that was how to command it.

Given the obsession with possessions, consumption, and endless yakking on cell phones only about 1 dog owner in 100 will ever reach the bar Cesar sets in this book. Many will criticize him - I've heard that from two professional trainers - but very few will really understand Cesar's simple but powerful message.

Cesar's Way works if you are willing to change yourself. How do I know that? Because my German Shepherd (raised Cesar's Way) is a joy to behold; Tyler accompanies me to Home Depot, Costco, etc. where endless crowds of children of all ages compliment him -and yes, approach him the wrong way (Cesar explains this in his book) but he lets them all touch his lovely face. We're talking a 130 pound full blood wolf looking dog here. He is friendly to other dogs, children and cats. He only barks when I allow it.

But God help you if you ever lay a hand on me in anger. My dog knows all about protecting me without being taught- because of the essential nature Cesar explains brilliantly in this book. All I have to do is make the "Sssstt!" sound and my German Shepherd snaps his attention to me. A smile, nod, playful "Unh-uh", or hand signal and he immediately obeys. Our relationship is like remote control by telepathy and mutual respect.

Cesar is right - I never have to tell my dog "how much daddy loves you..." with a cookie. Tyler senses my energy. He keeps me emotionally balanced just as Cesar predicts. That is what dogs can do for humans - connect us with Mother Nature.

Thank you Cesar Millan! You are a magnificent soul! God bless you and your family. Bravo!
Once a $24.95 New York Times bestseller, you can find copies on eBay or Amazon.com for about $9.
A happy ending
The boy and his dog found their mutual connection to each other through Mother Nature.

Most people will never achieve these results because they will skim Cesar's book looking for a "quick fix." But that is not what you need - you really want to connect your life back to nature. Cesar affirms that this is what dogs are here for.

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