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"Go shop Costco!"
"Tyler down" Rusty said.

They had to wait at the pharmacy.
"Smile for Mom!" Rusty said to get a good picture.
Tyler's fan club went by praising his handsome good looks.
Tyler enjoyed waiting at Costco because the floors were cool and very clean.
Uh oh!
"Shoppers behind you Tyler!"
Tyler, you see, is a service dog
Its his job to keep his master balanced at all times. So his human doesn't have PTSD and think he's back in Patton's Third Army fighting the Battle of The Ardennes.

Waiting in the checkout line.
"Watch out! Fan club approaching at 8 o'clock!" Rusty alerted Tyler.
"Good boy! No eat Costco shoppers!" Rusty reminded his canine friend.
Eddie was one of the many nice Costco helpers.

Yes, those ribs really are for Tyler. He eats raw meat. Rusty cuts the pork ribs up into 3/4 lb to 1 lb portions that are frozen in freezer bags. That kills parasites, bacteria, etc. - then thawed out for feeding.

Uncooked bones like these are soft enough for Tyler to consume. Its how dogs ate for thousands of years before people mixed waste animal products with corn to make "dog kibble."

Tyler still eats dry dog food - kibble - but mixed with raw ground sirloin. Two 1,000 mg omega 3 fish oil capsules are added. He also dines on microwaved eggs, cottage cheese, canned sardines, raw liver, and canned salmon.

Interestingly he "self regulates" his diet- often not finishing the entire portion put out for him. Other nights he devours it all and asks for more.

I just feed him at night, once a day, plus training treats (string cheese) in the afternoon.

Tyler was a happy, well behaved boy. He liked Costco. "Go shop Costco!" was always a welcomed command.

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