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Maze Animal Hospital
On the phone they said it was $47 to see my dog. Once there they wouldn't let me leave until I wrote a check for $150! The Vet didn't even want to touch Tyler! He just said Tyler had fleas (not mange) before he disappeared.
Here is my account of our visit to the Maze Animal Hospital in Modesto, California in May, 2010.
Oh dear God! Tyler visited with a veterinarian who is the equivalent of Bozo the Clown! Apparently the good vet is Dr. Obrian senior. But on that Monday only Dr. Obrian Jr. was available. The kid was tall, good looking - but he was oddly dressed in head turning surgical garb. It was so phony I wondered if it was Halloween.

Then Obrian Jr. talked so long I became bored listening to him. He didn't bother to touch my dog. He lectured me on what a "hot spot" is - until I stopped him by stating I had already studied that on the Internet. His speech seemed to me to be nothing but a fishing trip to see how much money I'd part with.

The handsome young doctor realized I was expecting him to stop talking and do something for my dog to get relief from his terrible itching. I interrupted him and said "If you're going to shave the dog, why don't you just 'do it'?"

That woke him up from his rambling. He was trying to make it a huge deal but I headed that off - No, you are not going to do in out of my site. You will shave him with me holding him.

A tech came in and Tyler calmly allowed them to shave an area the size of piece of paper over his butt. Wow, that was all Maze Animal Hospital was going to do! That took about 30 seconds. (Tyler is very well trained to allow me to do anything to him - touch him anywhere, inspect his teeth, trim his nails, wash him, groom him, etc.).

I was charged $150 despite being told (when I called first) on the phone it was $47 to see a dog. I guess the $100 additional charge was for the celebrity appearance of the young doctor who is obviously quite smitten with himself.

I get an excellent hair cut from Supercuts for what is it now $12? So how is it $150 for 30 seconds of clipper work at Maze? Next time I'll take Tyler to the barber in town!

What I found appalling about this appointment at Maze was the lack of motivation on the part of the "doctor" to understand the cause of the problem, or the treatment of it, or the prognosis. Having maxed out my willingness to pay he departed for good.

Later a tech tried to spray betamethasone on the lesions exposed after shaving. The bottle was 95% empty so the woman sprayed with nothing coming out. After several pumps it spurted some liquid and Tyler flinched in pain. She left the bottle on the table and left. I looked at the contents with included isopropyl alcohol. My GOD! My dog is in distress, very upset about what has happened to him and needs something soothing to be applied. And you spray alcohol on his open wounds?

When she came back it was to write a check for $150 and I never saw her again either. I watched the clocked for a full 15 minutes, then left. We'd been there 1 hour and 15 minutes. The take home antibiotics & prednisone pills or my receipt for the "veterinary care" was never given to me.

Poor Tyler was frantic with his itching so I headed to PetSmart and spent $30 on Hydrocortisone medicated shampoo, hydrocortisone lotion, Pain Relieving lotion, and a spray bottle of Hot Spot made from tea tree oil and aloe vera.

The young narcissistic doctor had ripped me off but never cared about relieving Tyler's suffering. Well, I did care! Right there in PetSmart I smeared the soothing lotion on his back and told him "You didn't do anything wrong, Tyler! You're a good boy!"

It is now my duty to warn the community about this poor medical care and excessive charges by documenting this episode on tylerthewonderdog.com.

Older vets, in my experience, are often great care givers. But alas we are all reaching retirement age and my good vets have gone off to fishing in the abundant streams somewhere in Heaven.

Vet fished for money; didn't seem at all concerned for Tyler
Charged $150 even though I was told it would be $47 on the phone.
Provided no topical pain relief - instead sprayed alcohol on open sores
Questions on the paperwork I was required to fill out asked if I "...considered my pet as a member of the family and wanted the best medical care money can buy?"  ____Yes? ___No?
I wrote in a third category that I checked:  _√_He's a dog!
The talkative young vet seemed to be on a fishing trip to see how much money he could get out of me.

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