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Dusty got bit again - by the bad feral cat
Dusty in the hospital
Rusty found her hiding under his bed. She was very sensitive to having her leg touched; she'd been bitten by the bad feral cat in her hind quarter trying to escape. Rusty had to cage her since she couldn't defend herself (run away) from another cat attack while the leg was so sore.

Rusty could no longer able to afford $300 vet bills (what Dusty's cat bite wounds cost him last year). Now he was her Vet. Rusty made a hospital room for his oldest girl cat out of a dog crate.

His helper Alberto held her so he could get her rectal temp --102 F. That was good (normal). Her left rear leg has a bite in the main muscle with teeth marks on both sides of the leg - but no pus present. Her foot also had a cut with scab present.

He gave her amoxicillin from "Fish Mox" sold at the feed store. Her dose is 5mg/pound = 60 mg. Rusty gave her 1/4 of a 250 mg capsule 12 hours a part, then once a day. Gave it to her mixed in water squirted down her throat, then later mixed with her food.
Dusty will never forget when she had horrible ear mites that made her scratch at her ears until there were scabs all around. Reggie Conley came to her rescue by mailing medicine with literature to teach Rusty how to treat for ear mites. She got well!
From past experience with cat wounds - the vet examines fight wounded cats by taking temperature to check for infection, then shaving fur to expose the bite area. When there is infection the vet usually gives a bottle of 10 antibiotic tabs. The vet visit costs $80 at the minimum. The bottle of Fish Mox at the feed store is equivalent to hundreds of doses for only $25.

As long as the wound is not so infected that surgery is needed to debride it, or place a drainage tube then this home treatment should be OK. Last year Dusty had to stay overnight at the vet to have her leg wound surgically cleaned (debrided they call that).

Dusty likes the food at my dog crate cat hospital. She gets the Chicken of The Sea tuna in water like Rusty eats, and canned wild caught salmon from Costco. OH! Yum! She likes that kind of food.

She got better in two days
Soon Dusty was crying to get out of the cat hospital. "OK!"  Rusty said. "But you should live inside the house at night when that feral cat is roaming around. Here, let me set up a litter box and a cat condo in my bedroom. You can sleep in there all safe and pee if you need to. Then go out in the day time to poopy. How's that?"

Dusty had not used a litter box in the house since she was a kitten. But Rusty made good sense - sleep safe for the night and only go outside during the day light when that bad feral cat wasn't around.

Dusty thought that was great. So she slept every night in Rusty's bedroom, then went out to poopy when it was safe. Rusty was happy to know she was OK.

Rusty thanked God for keeping his precious cat Dustball safe. "Thank you God! Thank you for keeping her safe" Rusty said. Dusty pushed her forehead into Rusty's arm and made her special sound -"Wooo".

Rusty replied "You love who?" and Dusty said again "Wooo!". Rusty nodded - "Yes, Woo, I wuv woo, too!"
(above) Dustball at age 5. She was Rusty's first girl kitten in the country. Dusty was the only kitten in her litter to survive because Rusty soaked her in soapy water to see the fleas crawling over her like an ant hill. He used tweezers to remove 72 fleas that had been feeding on her poor little body. She was only 7 weeks old. All her litter mates died of fleas. Dusty was an Angel God gave to Rusty to care for.

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