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Shooter gave Tyler a workout!
Tyler could not catch the nimble AKC German Shorthair Pointer "Shooter" that lived at the Nissen Dairy.

Shooter was Tyler's best dog friend. He taught the young German Shepherd how to play fight, how to dog wrestle, and how to chase another dog. Tyler learned many moves and advanced tricks from him. Rusty said it was like gym class for acrobatics, a sort of martial arts training for canines. Shooter was a good teacher.
"Run Tyler! Run!" Rusty encouraged.
"WOW!"  Rusty said.
"Shooter can fly through the air! He's jet powered!"
"Go Shooter! GO!" Rusty cheered him on.
"Whoa! Low to the ground skidding turn!"
Using a tree to block your opponent
Time out to slurp the irrigation pipe leakfresh cold water mixed with dirt making a delicious mud drink.
Slurp! Slurp!
Tyler's muddy tongue showed how much he loved the cold, earthy irrigation water. Sort of like chocolate soda to a dog.
Shooter was having lots of fun.
Shooter liked to mark. A lot.
Tyler had endurance and skill. He couldn't catch his pal so he had to cut Shooter off in the turns to tackle him.
Shooter sure gave Tyler a wonderful athletic workout! Look at him fly!
"Good chase!" Rusty told Tyler.  Sprinting after Shooter built up Tyler's anaerobic endurance.

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