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Tyler barks auto crash
Uh, oh! Big bodda-boom! CAR CRASH!

Cars, SUVs, a Pickup hauling a horse trailer...somebody hit somebody on the highway that ran along the north side of Tyler's deck & yard area.

"Arf! Arf!" Tyler alerted Rusty. Together they watched the multi-vehicle collision aftermath from Tyler's covered dog deck.

Fire Dept., Ambulance, police cruisers - they all showed up. The scene was active for over an hour.

Tyler enjoyed the excitement! He barked and barked.

Then he barked some more.
"Arf! Arf!" Tyler alerted Rusty.

"WOW!" Rusty said as he watched all the emergency vehicles arrive.

Usually Rusty said "Quiet! No bark!" but this was different. This was big excitement so Rusty let his German Shepherd announce to all the police out on the highway that Tyler was on the job.

Rusty encouraged his dog "OK bark, Tyler!"

"Arf! Arf! Rusty said OK bark!" woofed Tyler.

Tyler ran around in joy that Rusty let him bark. He bark loudly with his deep, manly German Shepherd voice.

Rusty was proud of him and said "Good bark!" Tyler had lots of fun barking at the police.
"Cars are dangerous!" Rusty told Tyler.  Rusty hoped that when Tyler got his driver's license he'd drive safely.
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