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Part 1: Tyler Chased "Bad Cat"
(no pictures)
May 13, 2010 Tonight Tyler chased off a feral cat trying to break in the kitchen cat door!

A week ago Tyler ran out of the kitchen when Bad Cat fought Raccoony & Bobcat at the cat door. The screaming triggered Tyler's directive "No chase cat! No bite cat!" so Tyler gave himself a time out by running outside to his dog deck. Rusty had to train him to "Chase Bad Cat!" "OK CHASE BAD CAT! OK BITE BAD CAT!"

Today, after many nights of training--Tyler immediately ran to fight Bad Cat at the cat door! He didn't run away. Tonight he attacked like a loaded gun!

How it went down
I was making salad about 8:30 PM when Raccoony screamed in combat at the cat door. Tyler bolted for the door to take her place. I ran to open the door as Bad Cat fled. Tyler shot past me and for the first time chased Bad Cat right off the deck! They each dived over the steps down.

There was still daylight so I could watch Tyler darting about the yard following the Bad Cat scent - breaking off when the trail was cold to resume the fresher scent trail. Apparently Bad Cat went under the house to hide!

Tyler made me so proud tonight. What a brave soldier - how quickly he learned to defend his cat family from a feral intruder. As he pranced back into the kitchen Raccoony lay on the floor beaming with cat pride for her defender. Bobcat sat on the counter admiring his huge, powerful pal.

Rusty cooked Tyler a steak & kidney meat dish. Later he hugged Tyler, praising the shepherd for defending his cat family. "What a good, brave dog I have" he thought to himself.


Part 2: Tyler played tug of war with Bobcat
Bobcat enjoyed hanging out on Tyler's grooming table

Tyler had a raccoon pelt that smelled good. Bobcat liked to play with it, too.

Each had one end of the raccoon pelt and together they tugged away playing give & take.
Bobcat liked the way Tyler dominated him; pushed him down with his forceful paws, gently mouthed him, licked his head or back.
Something about the pelt drove both of them crazy.
Dog and cat spent many happy hours together.
Dog - cat tug of war was fun!
Tyler had to be gentle and let Bobcat win most of the time.
Tyler often thought to his dog self that the cat smelled good. Rusty often agreed with him, nodding "Yeah! Cat does smell good!"

It is true. A cat smells like cloths fresh from the dryer with a hint of fabric softener fragrance. Rusty often thought that the inventor of that fabric softener smell must have had cats and liked the way they smelled.
Tyler was happy to have a good cat friend to play tug of war with.

Rusty was glad to see his friend playing well with others. Later in life that would come in handy when applying for college, or a career job.
Tired of dog play
As Bobcat walked off Tyler had to grab one more deep smell of cat. Again his dog brain told him "Cat smell good!"
Next adventure of Tyler the Wonder Dog...

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