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Cattle Battle Part 2
Nissen Dairy was less than a mile north of Tyler's house. Mr. Nissen had many milking cows in addition to lots of yummy beef cattle.
When Tyler came to visit the cattle all knew he ate beef patties & beef ribs every night.
Tyler was broad minded for a dog. He wanted to get know his future dinners; mostly he wanted to thank them for the lovely good taste of beef they provided.
The cattle were also grateful that such a magnificent dog as Tyler appreciated themthat their bodies would nourish him in the future.
Rusty enjoyed the delicious grapefruit from the Nissen Dairy trees. So he filled up the scooter's rear basket.
Tyler entered the dog yard; Shooter was ready for him!
Was it a fair match up? Shooter still his uh...shooter...unlike Tyler. But Tyler was not afraid!
Shooter insulted Tyler by calling his leash harness "lederhosen". He accused him of eating sauerkraut; but Tyler had no idea what these German insults meant. Tyler just thought Shooter was a barrel of fun!
The fight was on!
They jumped, bashed chests, reared up, tried to mount each other, tried to bite.
Tyler took a time out to sniff some of the other dogs. He got a fast whiff of Pup butt.
Then he was back in the fight with Shooter!
It was a jumping, brawling, rolling, nipping fun time! Tyler was in "play Heaven!"
"You fun!" said Tyler. "Yeah, you too!" replied Shooter.
Shooter was a super athletic playmate for Tyler. He had energy like a kangaroo.
Mrs. Nissen invited Tyler to see the baby goats!
The babies were 2-week olds
The goat part of the barn was like the manger where Jesus was born.

It was overflowing with love!
Goats smelled good! Fresh, clean, innocent just like cats.
Rusty thought they looked like deer fawns...
WOW! This big horned old Billy rammed into the wood planks of the pen right next to Tyler! Everyone jumped.

Billy goats do that. They like to charge and ram things.
Tyler liked the goats. He said to Rusty "No eat goat! Goats cute like cats!"
Rusty nodded "Yes, Tyler - no eat goats."
(below) The goat baby was only 2 weeks old and looked like an Angel.
The afternoon wore on

Tyler had played hard with his German pal Shooter.
Tyler felt his heart strings tugged by the goat baby.

Tyler reflected on this visit to the Dairy. Mr. & Mrs. Nissen were super nice to him and so were the yummy cattle, the milk cows, the dogs, the chickens, the cats, the grapefruit...in his dog heart there were all good friends to him; they were all like Angels.

Next adventure of Tyler the Wonder Dog...

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