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Dusty's claim on Rusty
Dusty is a cat Angel
Sometimes God whispered things to her like "Be kind to the other cats, especially Rusty" and she affirms these commandments saying "I understand Heavenly Cat Father."
"You're mine Rusty!  Dusty declared.

Rusty nodded. "Ok, Dusty! I'm yours!"

Rusty loved the soul that dwelled in her as she loved his.
During his puppy phase Tyler had disrupted Rusty's cat colony —by seeing the cat family as just toys to play with. The cats had not liked that.

For many months Dusty stayed out of the dog half of the house where Rusty did his computer thing.
The playful dog Tyler scared away Rusty's precious cat Angel Dusty.
Dusty ascribed to the saying "Discretion is the better part of cat valor." She kept out of Tyler's reach for many months.

Rusty missed her sweet affections such as standing on the back of his chair to groom his hair. Or laying softly on his arm as he worked at the computer.

As the months wore on all the cats saw that the dog was controlled by both Rusty and Bobcat.

The dog learned to love & respect the cats as his family. Dusty often heard Rusty repeating to Tyler "Cat friend! Cat gentle, cat is family! Cat good! No chase cat! No eat cat! Cat friend!"

The dog guardian
The cats understood how the dog made everyone safer. When he heard a noise his deep manly bark shot out like a warning to any danger that he was on the job. Tyler would protect & defend his family from any harm. It was his job.

Dusty felt safer than ever before now that a dog guarded over the farm. Tyler was no longer scary to her. Instead she felt his powerful protection for the entire family.
Thus Dusty finally came back to claim Rusty. Tyler lay on the floor near Rusty's feet as Dusty lay her cat head on Rusty's hand.
The connection with Heaven was so strong that Angels could sometimes be seen as a lovely cloud above their farm.
(below) Between the trees under the cloud is Tyler's house.
Rusty was greatly happy that Dusty felt safe enough around Tyler to renew her long standing claim on Rusty's soul.

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