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Gopher ridge at full moon
"Get the gopher!"  Rusty yelled in encouragement.  "Gopher tasty treat!" he added.

Rusty was pleased to see his pal Tyler gopher hunting. What fun that was for a young dog.

Everyone said gophers were good eating. Mr. Poot tossed one to his German shepherd and the dog wolfed it down like it was one of those tiny burgers from White Castle.
All of Rusty's cat swore by fresh gopher meat as the most yummy of all food. They ate lots of them.

When his cats had fully bellies from an abundant gopher hunt they'd give Rusty one or two. It was nice that they thought of him by sharing like that.

"What sweet cats I have to give me fresh yummy gophers!" Rusty often said.

Tyler was hot on the hunting trail! It was a fine Saturday evening. The air was cool but without a breeze.

Rusty let go of the nylon long line so Tyler could run back and forth along gopher ridge trying to grab a gopher near the surface.
Tyler hunted and hunted. He was having big fun for a dog.

The almond orchards were a magical place that Rusty considered to be sacred.
Tyler sniffed and he sniffed the scent of those dirt digging rodents. He dug into the fresh tunnels.
Gophers were no fools. They'd been evolving by Darwinian evolution for eons to out wit cats & dogs.

Tyler was young so he had time to learn the tricks of catching gophers. Maybe not eons, though.
Rusty waited patiently while his pal Tyler excavated various rodent homes.

It was getting darker and darker. It was chilly but Rusty had on his warm blanket like coat. Tyler, or course, had a warm German Shepherd coat of thick fur.
"Hey Tyler! Let's go home!"
It was time to get out of the lonely access roads of the orchards.
Tyler ran along behind Rusty as he navigated the scooter through the orchards back towards home.
Soon they were home. Rusty unloaded the free oranges & grapefruit he'd collected that day.
Rusty noticed that Tyler looked very large.
"Uh, oh!" Rusty thought to his self. "Tyler is a huge dog. There is no denying it. What a horse!"
Rusty was happy to have all the tasty free citrus fruit. Tyler was happy he had enjoyed a fun gopher hunt. Both of them wondered what adventures tomorrow held for them.

Next adventure of Tyler the Wonder Dog...

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