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Tyler had fleas!
What happens when your dog plays off leash at the farm and you forget to apply flea prevention medicine.
How Rusty failed to apply the medicine properly
One cannot apply dog dose of Revolution or K9 Advantix like with the cats. I was just touching his skin and squirting the whole tube. Wrong -- very wrong! 90% of it goes on the fur, not the skin. When he got fleas again just a couple of weeks later I knew something was wrong. He was so uncomfortable I decided to give him another dose of flea medicine.

Correct application of topical anti-flea medicine for a dog over 55 lbs

Tyler is trained to "stand stay" so I parted the hair last night and applied K9 Advantix - flooded the skin. But it only took a few drops. There are 20 drops in a milliliter. 4 ml of K9 is 80 drops!
K9 Advantix had not been applied properly!
The fine print of the medicine says to apply to the skin behind the head on the spine, again, and again - all the way to the base of the tail! Without reading that last part I got bored after applying it 8 times at 8 locations on Tyler's neck skin. Now I know it is a complicated, tedious procedure -- not a quick "squirt!" of a 1/2 ml on the cat's neck. The big dog dose is 8 times the cat dose and will go all over the fur if applied that way.

The dog should be standing for easy application. The entire contents of the K9 Advantix tube should be applied evenly to three or four spots on the top of the back from the shoulder to the base of the tail. At each spot, part the hair until the skin is visible. Place the tip of the tube on the skin and gently squeeze to expel a portion of the solution on the skin. Do not apply an excessive amount of solution at any one spot that could cause some of the solution to run off the side of the dog.

I bathed him yesterday with a hose and the hydrocortisone medicated shampoo. He loved that! Later that night gave him Advantix K9, This morning he was 90% less itchy. The proper application I made to numerous parts of his skin killed off fleas overnight! He is now totally well and comfortable. Took Tyler to Costco and Raley's Supermarket where everyone ooohhhed and aaaahhhed over him. Children and adults alike have to touch Tyler and pet him.

Today Tyler was itch free with fresh, clean fur from his shampoo. We had fun.

"Help! I itch all over" said Tyler

"Oh, my God" said Rusty. "You have fleas!"

It was Rusty's fault for not administering the flea preventative medicine in April. He gave Tyler a dose of Revolution in March, but not in April.

Then Tyler had schmoozed with the barn cats and Dairy dogs! Now he had a raging case of fleas!
Rusty administered a 3.0ml dose of Revolution. Then he cut away the matted fur at the base of Tyler's tail where he was biting furiously.

He poured hydrogen peroxide several times over the lesions as Tyler yelped. He patted it dry and then applied betadine (iodine solution) and wiped away the excess.

He collected all of Tyler's bedding - all the towels & blankets he slept on and tossed them in the washing machine.

He vacuumed all the areas where Tyler lay about until the vacuum bag was clogged full of his fur.
Rusty took Tyler to the Pet Wash
$5 cycle of flea & tick shampoo
$5 cycle of rinsing, followed by regular shampoo
$5 cycle of more rinsing, another flea shampoo & rinse
$5 cycle of the blow drier

WOW! $20 Pet Wash! Tyler was super clean! He felt wonderful. Back at home Rusty spread Neosporin on the raw area Tyler had chewed at. Tyler was clean and freed from the infuriating biting of those fleas. Rusty contacted Reggie to arrange to buy more Revolution from a Vet so he could give it to his dog every month.

If your dog plays with farm cats & dogs make sure he gets flea prevention medicine every month. The end.
Next adventure of Tyler the Wonder Dog...

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