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Tyler & the Pet Wash
"Look Tyler!"  said Rusty.  "The Pet Wash is finally open for business!"

Tyler was excited even though he had no clue what a Pet Wash was or that he would soon be sopping wet with pretty smelling dog shampoo.
The Pet Wash had lots more settings than a regular car wash. Rusty could select

Flea & Tick
Oatmeal (breakfast?)

Rusty fed a $5 bill into the machine and it came alive.

The Pet Wash gushed out warm water through a spray wand! It had bubbly shampoo!

Rusty washed Tyler all over with the spray wand thing.

He even lifted up Tyler's tail to wash the poopy-hole! Rusty did it real quick before Tyler could complain.

He also sprayed Tyler's private things quickly but Tyler usually licked those clean himself.

Even after the blow dry Tyler was pretty damp. So he got to shaking off the excess water the way dogs do.
"Hey Tyler! Will you pose for a photo to show your fan club about the Pet Wash?"
No one would believe them about the Pet Wash unless Rusty took a picture.

And of course Tyler cooperated even though he was wet and not very happy to have been pet washed.
"Arf! How this pose for photo?" asked Tyler.

"Good! Excellent shot Tyler!"
"Let's go home Tyler!" said Rusty.
On the way back Tyler asked Rusty to swing by the yard where Ruff-ruff lived.
But Ruff-ruff was put off by the sweet smell of the fancy conditioner rinse Rusty had dialed up at the Pet Wash. Tyler didn't smell manly like his old dog self.
Tyler was proud of his Pet Wash cleanliness!

He strutted it to his mentally ill dog friend Ruff-ruff.
But Ruff-ruff was jealous and insulted Tyler. He said Tyler smelled like a girl.

Tyler had his dog feelings hurt.

Rusty tried to cheer him up. "Oh Tyler! I love the way you smell! Come on, pal. Let's go home. Bye-bye Ruff-ruff!"
Thus Rusty & good smelling Tyler went home. There he would be appreciated by Bobcat who loved his dog friend's new clean smell! Tyler smelled good like a cat. Rusty enjoyed the silky feel that conditioner made to Tyler's thick black fur. He would stroke it many times in the coming days marveling at the smoothness. And the nice smell! Tyler was a show dog now. Rusty liked that Pet Wash. It was a good deal for $5.

Next adventure of Tyler the Wonder Dog...

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