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Are cats lazy & aloof?
Maybe your cats are lazy & aloof. I've heard many people say that as if it was a fact. But mine are not at all aloof, nor lazy! Perhaps your cats are what they are to you because of what you believe about them. In turn that determines how you treat them and behave towards them. You make them into what you believe.

My cats come & go through their cat door. They hunt and poop outside; feed & groom themselves in the house. They stay inside a lot in winter but enjoy the cool summer evenings outside. One or two of them will sleep in my bedroom now and then. They always give me good dreams.

My cats are Angels. Real Angels. They help me stay connected to Heaven. I love them deeply and they return that love with appreciation that borders on worship. It is impossible to tell you the magic my cats have made in my life. But these few photos will give you a glimpse into our relationship.
"Look! Rusty is back from Costco!" Dustball meowed with delight.

All the cats piled out of the house to surround Rusty as he unloaded the car.

Dustball was an experienced inside car cat so she jumped in to explore.

Bobcat was a roof cat so he took the high ground.

Raccoony was a guard cat so she set up a perimeter to watch for evil spirits.

Rusty took flash photos so you'd believe this is real. His cats are not lazy & aloof.
"Fancy Feast! We got another case of Fancy Feast" Dustball giggled. She loved the cans of shrimp & fish. (Rusty saved those just for her)

When no other cats were around Dusty would sit next to the cat feeding station staring at Rusty until he gave her a can of the Fancy Feast shrimp. It was special for her.
Rusty's "lazy & aloof" cats included a guard cat. She was stocky, just 10 pounds of cat muscle with a heart of gold. Raccoony always scouted the perimeter when Rusty was outside at night. She chased off any evil spirits lurking in the darkness that might harm him.
A chronic nose & chin biter
Raccoony had a shameful secret. She was a nose biter. When Rusty drew near she'd start out licking his nose...then clamp it in her cat teeth until Rusty said "OWWWW!" Then she'd release him.

No matter how many times he accused her of being a nose biter she still did it. Raccoon girl used to clamp his chin when laying on his chest as Rusty watched TV in bed. That made him call her a chin biter.

She would hold his chin for long periods with her teeth. When it hurt too much Rusty would say "OWWWW!" Finally he took to holding the bed sheets in his mouth covering his chin.
Dustball was a car cat
She spent many happy hours as a kitten driving on trips to Watsonville with Rusty.

Just a little fur ballshe's sit on his shoulder, or sleep on the dashboard. Rusty kept a litter box, food & water in the back seat for her.

Even now as an adult she'd jump into the car if Rusty left it open. Several times Rusty had noticed her missing only to find her in happily curled up in the car.

So you could say Dusty was a car cat.
Up the road at Nissen Dairy
"Meow cats don't have expressive faces"
said Cleopatra the barn cat. That is why people don't see our spiritual nature.

She was right. Cats don't have eyebrows that move like people or dogs have.

Many people thought cats did not express emotions. That is only because people are blind to spiritual things; seeing cats as just furry cute animals.

But Rusty knew a secret. We are not humans; we are spirits that have human bodies. Cats & dogs are spirits, too, only closer to Mother Nature.

Rusty knew that when you see with spiritual vision you see how cats are very expressive. They are Angels who can connect you back to Heaven if only you believe.
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