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Graduation party leads to Off Leash Dangers!
Tyler graduated from Intermediate Obedience class so Rusty took him to Disney Land.
Tyler had worked hard, studied long hours to keep up with his upper crust AKC dog classmates.
Rusty wanted his dog to enjoy a reward for graduating near the top of his dog class.

But little did he know the dangers that lurked in dog graduation parties.

He knew about the perils of dog drunk driving, so Rusty pledged to stay sober and drive Tyler safely home.

The real dangers of a dog graduation party would soon rear their ugly head.
Rusty let Tyler go off leash at Disney Land
But Nissen Dairy "Disney Land" was not a family rated theme park, it was a real working farm full of dog dangers!

Canine mauling wild barn cats hid everywhere waiting to attack an unsuspecting dog like Tyler.
(above) There were savage junk yard dogs ready to sink their fangs into Tyler!

(below) Blood thirsty barn cats could claw a dogs eyes out!
There were huge bovines possibly infected with mad cow disease!
"Tyler! Watch out for bacteria in cow poop!"

"Oh no! No eat cow poop!"
"Tyler! Watch out for dog attacks!"
"Tyler! Watch out for barn cat attacks!"
"Tyler! Watch out for cows stampeding!"

"Cows trample dogs to death!"

"Tyler! Watch out cat ambush!"
"Tyler! Watch out bacteria in cow water!"
Rusty grabbed Tyler by the collar! "Tyler! Let me save you from dangerous dairy!"
Rusty saved Tyler from the dangerous dairy farm! They drove home safely, but without speaking after such a frightening ordeal. They felt lucky to be alive.

Tyler had sown some wild dog oats; now he knew how dangerous the real world was!

Tyler wants this to be a cautionary tail for all dog owners who allow off leash dog mayhem.

Every year countless dogs are injured at unsupervised spring break parties, or trips to theme parks like the Nissen Dairy. Don't be a statistic. Keep your mutt safely confined in your back yard. Never let him or her get out.

Keep your dog incarcerated for life!

Free Cautionary Tail PDF!

Download the letter size poster of OFF LEASH DANGERS! starring Tyler the Wonder Dog.

Amaze your friends!
Display proudly in your home or workplace!

Tyler wants you to share his Cautionary Tail with all your dog friends. Its a gift from the people who know better than you do at The Society for the Prevention of Adoption of Dogs to Stupid People (SPADSP).

You may distribute copies of Off Leash Dangers! without any copyright restrictions.
(above) click to see a full page size view of the poster  
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