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Tyler's aura
"You didn't do anything wrong, Tyler. Power surge scary!"
The onset of Tyler's dog maturity came quickly, like a child loosing baby teeth as the permanent ones grow in.

His connection to the Angels was becoming more apparent. Tyler radiated waves of good vibes felt by everyone around him.
Saturday April 10, 2010 - just before midnight
Rusty lay in bed reading Cesar Millan's first Book, Cesar's Way. He read about how dogs communicate via energy - how dogs sense the emotional state of a person.

Suddenly the lights dimmed, then came back, then dimmed again. The power went off; then it came back on — surging like ocean waves — then it stayed off.

Rusty lay in the blackness waiting for power to be restored. It wasn't, so after about 20 minutes he got up. From the main room Rusty saw houses in the distance were dark. This was not a problem with just his house.

Rusty went to the kitchen where he put on his LED head light, then lit the emergency votive candles. His bare feet felt something wet. With a flashlight he discovered a pool of yellow liquid on the floor that looked like dog pee.

Rusty figured Tyler had been in the kitchen when the power surging occurred. It scared him so much he peed on the floor, then ran to the safety of his dog house. Rusty placed a towel over the urine puddle.
Where was Tyler? Rusty found him in his dog house outside on the dog deck. When he joined him on the deck the dog ran down to the yard in the light of the LED headlight dashing about with his ball & rope toy —showing off his athletic prowess.

Rusty said to Tyler (because he peed the floor) "You didn't do anything wrong. Power surge scary!" Tyler agreed! It had been very scary for a dog.

Tyler was happy that nothing was really wrong, and that his master was with him.

After an hour the power came back on
Rusty was happy to have lights and TV again. Tyler relaxed. He lay down near Rusty, his back stretched out with the fur glistening from the light of the over head incandescent spotlight.

Rusty noticed an odd glow on the German Shepherd's back
like a faint flickering electrical fire; what men on ships called St. Elmo's fire. His eyes felt heavy as Tyler's body revealed a shimmering outline of purple with flecks of gold nearest the fur.
There it was, there was no mistake - a beautiful purple aura surround Tyler's shape. It extended out just a few inches yet it reminded Rusty that his dog was an Angel.

Rusty was glad the power was back on so he could watch TV with his electric heating pad on to relax his sore back. He wanted to read the rest of that chapter in Cesar Millan's book. The part about how dogs sense the energy of people.

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