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Rescued by Angels
"Arf! Cloud Angels!" observed Tyler.

Right he was. When Rusty looked back at their home it had an amazing Angel cloud hovering over the farm.  Heaven was very close to Tyler, Rusty, the cats, and all the plants they raised.
Using the telephoto lens Rusty saw the white tarp covering Tyler's dog deck. That had been the subject of a previous Tyler page.

Rusty had photographed the frame before it was tarped. The roof was good because it kept Tyler snuggly dry all winter through the rain storms.
"Tyler! Pose for photo!" Rusty implored. No one would believe there was an Angel cloud over the cactus farm unless they had photographic proof.

"Good photo!" Rusty declared. "Now everyone can see the cloud of Heaven over your house, Tyler."

"Arf! Cool!" said Tyler.

Rusty needed more grapefruit
Grapefruit came from Nissen Dairy so Tyler and Rusty scootered north.

Tyler smelled gophers!
Tyler wanted to hunt for gophers because they are a yummy snack not to mention a good dog toy.

"Come on Tyler! Let that gopher go..." 
Rusty declared.

Tyler was hot on a rodent burrow.
"Oh Rusty! Can't I dig this one out?" Tyler wondered.

"Nope! Daylight is wasting my dog friend. We have miles and miles to go..."

"OK!" said Tyler and ran to his side.
"OK! No hunt gopher now" Tyler obediently followed Rusty towards the grapefruit tree.

Tyler was such a good boy it tugged at Rusty's heart. His dog was magnetically bonded to him so Rusty could sometimes read his dog mind and vise versa.

Email to Reggie Conley:
I fed Tyler his regular dinner, but after midnight he was so hungry we wouldn't let me sleep. Here is what happened.

That Huge Dog You Sold Me (THDYSM) sent telepathic rays to my brain making me get up at 3 AM to cook him a beef patty, cut another beef rib, and mix it with 1-cup Science Diet.

I didn't seen him as he must have been out in his yard. But there is no doubt he was beaming "I'm hungry" thoughts to me from his yard; probably just laying about in his dog house.

This morning on the way to the kitchen to make coffee I saw his bowl was empty. He'd eaten every bit of that extra meal.

I know it wasn't eaten by Bobcat because he woke me up at 4 AM chasing a gopher around the bedroom that shrieked "SQUEEEAAK! SQUEEAAAK! DON'T LET THE CAT GET ME!".

So Tyler got his late night feast and so did Bobcat. But when I looked in the fridge I was out of eggs so I had no breakfast.

Soon they were at the free fruit tree.
Nissen Dairy grapefruit were extra delicious because of all the fields of cattle poop surrounding them that made happy citrus.
Tyler paid his usual greetings to the cattle.

"Cows friends" he said.

Tyler liked cattle.
How the Angels rescued them (no photos)

Miles further on in their scootering adventure the 16' long "Flexi-leash" got tangled in one of the rear drive wheels. While Rusty was trying to fix it 2 Angels appeared.

There was a lovely woman Angel and a man Angel. Rusty knew right away they were Angels because their faces radiated love and calmness.

Rusty had unleashed Tyler trying to figure out how to get the cord unraveled from the drive axle. But when the Angels appeared Rusty notice how gentle Tyler became. Instead of being excited he behaved as if they were regular friends. The woman touched him and so did the man. He licked their hands. Rusty knew they were sent from Heaven.

Rusty pushed the scooter over at a 45 degree angle but the man Angel could not untangle the wheel - the part wrapped about the axle was hidden. Rusty said "Do you have a knife?" The Angel did. "Cut it off" Rusty said.

He cut it free, then pulled the remaining cord off the machine. The Woman Angel was sad because the cord had sucked inside the retractable leash - they could not tie on the piece just then cut off. "That's OK!" said Rusty as he pulled out a spare Flexi-leash. "I was a Boy Scout - be prepared". But the man Angel said "Then why didn't you have a knife?" That was very funny!

Then the Angels disappeared. Rusty & Tyler headed home.
Tyler wished he could run and chase cattle but that was not allowed.
Dogs that chased cattle were shot dead. That was the law.
Rusty & Tyler went home to enjoy another peaceful evening in Heaven.

Next adventure of Tyler the Wonder Dog...

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