Bobcat defends our home
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Raccoony was resting in her cat dog house.
Racccoon Girl was a floor cat. Most cats liked high places but not the Raccoon. She liked floors just as much as a cat tree.

Her cat dog house was next to Rusty's packing table in order to keep guard over him while he packed cactus. Raccoony, you see, is a guard cat.

Some people think cats are aloof. Not Rusty's cats! At night if he goes outside his cats follow him about like a little pack of dogs.
Tyler was resting on his indoor grooming table.
Dusty was curled up with the stuffed cat Rusty rescued from a garbage can.
Raccoony ran to the kitchen to help Bobcat fight off the intruder cat trying to break in to steal food.

Bobcat was defending the cat door entrance. Raccoony soon fought by his side as Rusty ran in to see what was going on.
Snarling, hissing, fur flying exploded at the cat door as I ran up to the scene. What the?! OH NO! Bobcat and Raccoony were fighting off a feral cat trying to break in.

Rusty saw the feral cat out on the porch - a mean junkyard looking cat. It was a shorthair that looked much like Bobcat but on steroids - it was big! When the cat saw Rusty he ran off.

Trapping a feral
Cat fights like this one result in bites that get infected. Last spring (2009) each of the cats was bit by a feral - bites that became so infected each one had to see the vet. Dustball spent a night in the hospital for surgery to debride her infected leg wound. Raccoony was twice infected. The total, for all 3 cats, was $600 in vet bills. That is how serious this is.

Rusty got out the hav-a-heart trap and set it on the porch to catch this new wild animal. As he did so he realized: So that is why the dry food bowls were empty! This feral had broken in before and stolen their food.

After setting the trap Rusty admonished Raccoony and Bobcat not to go in it. "No eat food in trap!" Rusty stared at each of them. They knew the rules from past years when they had learned the hard way how the trap worked by being left in it for hours after it sprung.

Praise for the brave defender
Bobcat was a brave fighter! He stayed at the cat door ready to fight again.

By now Tyler ran into the kitchen to see what the trouble was. Bobcat jumped up on the counter where Rusty petted him proudly telling Tyler "Bobcat fought to defend our house! Bobcat brave cat!" Tyler was all smiles. He too was proud of his friend.
Tyler got out his animal pelt ($4.95 on eBay) and practiced what he would do to any feral cat that tried to hurt his cat family. He ripped at it, tore at it.

Tyler loved Bobcat. He would not allow any strange wild cat to harm his pal. "Cat friend!" Tyler thought to himself.
Dusty stayed out of the fight at the cat door. Her feral cat bite last year landed her in the hospital and surgery. She didn't want to get bit again! To her discretion was the better part of cat valor.
(above) Dustball and the stuffed cat Rusty found in a trash can (then put in the washing machine)

(below) The brave Bobcat fought off the feral who tried to break into our house.
Bobcat was a brave cat! He fought the feral trying to break into the kitchen!
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