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Dog fight at the cow farm
Tyler & Shooter
Tyler liked Shooter the German Shorthair because he smelled good. Shooter was German just like Tyler and Rusty. The two dogs hit it off right away chatting in dog German.

Shooter said "Hallo Tyler! Mein Name ist tireur. Lederhosen Sie Abnutzung? Tun Sie mögen gebratenes Schweinfleisch und saures kraut?"

Tyler replied " Nein! Ich trage einen ziehenden Kabelstrang und habe große Abenteuer mit meinem Freund Rusty!"
Then Shooter jumped up on his hind legs, straining against his leash. (no photos because Rusty had his hands full holding back Tyler's leash).

Now Tyler was having big fun! Chest to chest, wrestling dog to dog.

Shooter was teaching Tyler the rules of "rough housing" with another dog.

Shooter stood up as Tyler and he went chest to chest.

"FUN!" thought Tyler to his dog self. Rusty smiled to see him so happy with another dog.
Shooter pawed at the dirt like a bull scratching the ground before a charge. Mr. Nissen laughed because he'd never seen Shooter do that before.
(above) March 26, 2010 — Tyler visited the dairy farm down the road. It had so many cows they had to wear number tags. Mr. Nissen, the owner had three dogs. The spirited German Shorthair named Scooter taught Tyler had to play & fight without actually harming each other. Scooter was tied up. Rusty controlled Tyler's leash to keep him out of a full blown dog fight.
Tyler had fun jumping up to meet chest to chest with Shooter. Rusty couldn't take pictures because he was too occupied holding onto Tyler's leash. The dogs rough housed without becoming nasty about it. Tyler like it as if it was a great game.
(Above) Rusty thanked the farm owner, Mr. Nissen, for allowing his unfixed male hunting dog to teach Tyler rough dog play. He explained that Tyler rarely had such a wonderful opportunity to do that in a controlled way. Even though it was sort of unfair Shooter was restrained it helped Tyler to learn some skills in dog battle. Shooter bit at him and Tyler bit him back. Shooter tried to mount Tyler (dominance) and Tyler did it right back to him. Neither side drew blood.
(Below) Soon the cows walked over to chat with the young German Shepherd.
Poor 646
One day he would be just another meaty beef rib for Tyler to chew on at dinner.

Tyler salivated thinking about the juicy hamburger he'd gobble down with his kibble when Rusty cooked up a patty of 646.

"Yummy cow!" Tyler thought to his dog self.
Then Rusty & Tyler went home. Rusty had a basket of fresh oranges and Tyler had won his first dog fight.
Well, sort of...

Next adventure of Tyler the Wonder Dog...

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