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Adventures in the forest deep
Rusty wanted to leave to go for a scootering adventure but Tyler found something under the front steps.
Rusty looked down to see it was his special guard cat, Raccoony.

She was in a place where Tyler could not touch her.
Raccoony hissed at Tyler. She wanted the big dog to stay back!
The sun was setting when Tyler set off to explore the vast orchards busy with pollination
"The woods are lovely, dark, and deep..."
Tyler no longer had to be held on the leash so Rusty let go; they were linked to each other by a magnetic bond of trust.

Rusty let Tyler drag his nylon strap long line behind him as it made a swishing sound over the grass.
The woods were quiet near sunset. Dark, still, and almost lonely.
Rusty felt the air chill as the sun sank lower in the March sky.
Rusty was proud of Tyler because he no longer had to hold his leash.

His dog would not leave him.

Rusty felt the strong magnetic bond of owner-dog connection.
Some orchards were newly planted. They stood out in the vast miles of mature trees.
Tyler happily dragged his 15' nylon strap long line behind him. Rusty felt that was a good transition for the dog to be reminded of the physical leash as he became accustomed to not needing it at all.
There were walnut orchards, almond orchards and even apple orchards.
Rusty liked best the old walnut orchard that reminded him of the scary parts of the Wizard of Oz.
"Tyler sit!"

"Tyler come!"

And as always the German Shepherd charged to his side like a freight train.
The planet they lived on, called Earth, was rotating to obscure the local star which was its source of light & warmth.

Although the earth natives said the "sun set" in fact the earth rotated to obscure its view.

Tyler, of course, understood all this. He knew they had to move on before it became too dark to scooter.

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