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Tyler had earned Rusty's respect
(above) March 20, 2010 Rusty simply unclipped the leash while Tyler played in the park.
Rusty unleashed Tyler for the first time.
The park was empty. The sun was setting on another glorious spring day in California's Central Valley.

Rusty enjoyed taking photos of Tyler without a leash restraining his movements.
Rusty hoped that the bond with his dog was strong enough that they could also go off leash out in the vast orchards they often explored together. That would be a perfect place for Tyler to run free because there were no cars, children, or other dogs.

Yeah, that was something to look forward to.

Tyler liked the freedom of being "off leash". This was not just a baby step. It marked the maturity in the relationship of dog and handler.

As Reggie said - they were a "bonded pair." Rusty & Tyler. Tyler & Rusty. Bonded together.
They played tug of war.

That was always a good game!
Rusty felt happy to see his young dog free from the tangling hassle of a leash.
Tyler played with his eBay raccoon pelt ($4.95).

He rolled in the grass as Rusty took more photos.
Rusty realized that the leash between himself and his dog was now one comprised of love, respect, and trust.
Tyler had earned Rusty's respect.

Rusty worked hard every day to be worthy of the bond between them. The bond between man & dog was so real that Rusty received images in his head from Tyler.
Next adventure of Tyler the Wonder Dog...

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