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Tyler's cat friend Bobcat
TYLER!!!!!!!! Don't eat Bobcat! Gentle! No bite!
Rusty worried that Tyler would kill Bobcat, or bite him so hard he'd crack bones.

Look at this photo —are you scared for the little cat underneath the huge German Shepherd?

I am!

But Bobcat commanded the mighty dog. His claws made quick darting stabs to warn Tyler of the limits of cat-dog play.

Bobcat bit Tyler on his snout. He made swift cat "HISSSS!!!" warnings to alert the dog when to back off.

Incredibly it worked. Bobcat ruled Tyler.

Tyler, because he is a German Shepherd Dog, wanted to be commanded. He enjoyed Bobcat's calm leadership.
Bobcat enjoyed dog play. Several times a day he sought out Tyler to engage in their interspecies friendship.
Bobcat could hide under stuff where Tyler couldn't fit.
Tyler learned not to lose control chasing the cat in the house. That is because he was a very well behaved young dog.
Tyler knew he had to be on his best calm dog behavior in Rusty's bedroom. "No chase cat!" had been permanently engraved in his dog brain.
Bobcat said "Hey Tyler! Lets go play in the packing room!"

Tyler thought that would be fun.
"Come on dog! Follow me!" said Bobcat.

Tyler followed the scent of his cat pal.
Senior cat (5 years old) Dustball watched the cat-dog play but was content to be aloof. She was happy sitting next to Rusty's computer instead of fending off a giant dog.
Rusty brought his camera to the packing room to see what the dog & cat were up to.
Bobcat & Tyler play in the packing room
Rusty was glad Tyler had a good cat friend.
Tyler was glad he had a good cat friend, too.
"Don't show me those teeth!" warned Bobcat.
Interspecies love drove both cat and dog into a state of "play bliss".
Bobcat took a moment to clean himself. One of Rusty's favorite thing about cats was that they were always as clean as cloths right out of the dryer.

"Cat smell good!" Rusty often said.

Tyler thought in his dog brain "Cat smell good!"

So it was unanimous that cats smelled good!
(below) Tyler loves Bobcat. Bobcat loves Tyler. He controlled the dog with his claws, hissing, biting, and by always staying calm. If Tyler got too excited Bobcat stopped playing with him. He was a very good dog trainer.
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