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Bobcat Poisoned!
His life saved by 3-Angels: Spot, Cougar & Rusty

"And every day you gaze upon the sunset with such love and intensity
it's almost...it's almost as if you could only crack the code
then you'd finally understand what this all means

But if you could...do you think you would trade in all the pain and suffering?
ah, but then you'd miss the beauty of the light upon this earth and the sweetness of the leaving..."

[click to play this song]
You may not understand the events described on this page unless you already understand that we are not humans; we are spirits inhabiting a human form. Like I said, this is a warning—most of you will have no clue what the following story means. But if you do know, then you'll find this account to be like warming yourself around the ancient camp fire of the spirits.

Click to open a new window to allow the music to play while you read on. By refreshing the YouTube page you can play it over and over. A very special song.
An evil neighbor, who did not own cats, set out rodent poison
Filled with hate...he wanted the land owner to bulldoze an access road to my house that would prevent my using the existing entrance. Long story...he wanted to gate off that section so his hounds (ranch dogs) could roam free. Such dogs—out here in the Central Valley—kill predators such as coyotes. But his demand was rejected, forcing him to tolerate my German Shepherd Service dog using the access road every day. His poisoning of gophers was irresponsible. The chemical requires registration in California for agricultural use. He used it so widely that dead mice, rats, gophers, and even birds were lying on the ground; my cat ate part of one.
Verne found the first dead rat
His cats always hunted and ate rats, mice, birds, lizards, and gophers. Cougar used to catch & eat rabbits. Once he brought home a pheasant and ate the whole thing, feathers and all except for the feet.

This rat was simple brought inside the house and left on the floor. Verne could not find evidence that the cats had killed it. He tossed it in the trash.
Raccoony would not touch it!
No cat would eat this rat. Something was wrong with it. It had died of poison.
Bobcat was missing! Something was wrong!
Verne called "BOBCAT! BOBCAT! BOBCAT!"
Bobcat did not show up for dinner. He was the youngest who always ran inside at the sound of a cat food can being opened. But where was he? Something was wrong. Verne went looking for him. While searching he found a vomit stain on his bed. Bobcat had been lying there in the afternoon.

Verne also found a strange pool of wet poop on the floor. It was like dark mud—almost black, the consistency of wet mashed potatoes. He cleaned it up. Now he was really worried. Bobcat was both sick and missing.
Verne yelled his name into the darkness

Bobcat had vomited on Verne's bed. It was just a clear liquid that left a stain as shown.

Verne cut out the patch of sheet to save as evidence. He knew that a chemist could analyze it to determine what the poison was.
An hour later Bobcat feebly crawled through the cat door barely able to walk because he was so weak. Verne grabbed him up in his arms to place him on a towel by his desk.

He was deathly ill! Knowing his friend had vomited and had diarrhea he gave water to help his cat rehydrate. Bobcat managed to drink some water.

Bobcat didn't have the strength to clean the poo off his butt area. Verne knew that was a bad sign.
"What wrong Bobcat?" Tyler pleaded with Verne. Tyler was scared because he knew something was wrong with his best cat friend.

"Bobcat poisoned!"  Verne said grimly.

Verne set up a cat hospital for Bobcat. Bobcat lay there unable to move.

Later Bobcat urinated on his towel bed so he changed it for a fresh clean one.

He placed Bobcats head by the dish of distilled water. The sick cat drank a lot of water.

Verne had never seen Bobcat drink so much water yet not touch food. Bobcat would not eat for a couple of days.

Raccoony and Tyler stood guard, too shocked to know what else to do.
Bobcat's rectal temperature was 103 F. But in the next 24 hours it would fall 3 degrees. Verne used both a digital and a mercury thermometer to make sure they were in agreement of the cat's body temperature.

Bobcat became almost stiff, like rigor mortis was setting in. Verne took him in his hands, made him move his limbs but he had ataxia and could not stand.

Verne was scared, too. He called his Mom Reggie who provided a lot of advice and moral support.
Raccoony prayed to her Angel at the polar bear

She had raised Bobcat from a kitten like an older sister. They were very close.
Dustball was sad, too

Everyone at Cat, Dog, and Cactus Heaven was in a state of shock because one of them had been poisoned.

This was a disturbance in the life force.
The following day it was worse.

Bobcat was getting cold and Death was coming for him.

Tyler stood guard to keep Death from getting nearer.

Verne knew Bobcat was going to die unless a miracle happened.
Tyler began pawing at the boxes by Verne's packing table. He was desperate to get at something.

Verne got as flashlight. When he looked in he saw a dead gopher and a dead rat that had been part eaten.

"Good job Tyler!" Verne said.

Verne got the dead animals out. The rat was starting to smell, and it's butt was chewed off. He realized that Bobcat had eaten part of the rat, then became sick.

Tyler had discovered the poisoned rat, half eaten behind boxes in the packing room
Verne knew Bobcat was dying unless a miracle happened. Bobcat had not eaten in days, he could not stand, his body was getting stiff and cold.

That is when the thing happened. The thing that can't be described. It is beyond words and that is why.

There are things in this life that can be apprehended with the heart, or felt with the soul but have no correlate in human speech. Words cannot convey what is in those realms because they are so far away from us, yet so intensely close.

When things look bad, and you know you're not going to make it—you have to call all your Angels
How Bobcat's life was spared

Bobcat came to Verne in 2008 as a gift from Heaven after his great cat Cougar had been killed for hunting bunny rabbits from someone's back yard. Cougar paid the price of his life for all those yummy bunnies.

So it was that when Bobcat came to him as a precious 3 month old kitten he had a special theme song, as all his cats did.

Bobcat's theme song said - "He came on the wings of the Angels; Spot, Cougar and Rusty- they gave him to me..."

This is that scene in the movie where magic happens. Often we think such things are fantasies but when it happens to you its as real as anything else.

Bobcat's theme song began rolling over in Verne's head. As he listened he realized what it meant!

The names of his Angels!
Bobcat came on the wings of the Angels!
And Verne knew their names. HE KNEW THEIR NAMES!

Verne shouted to Tyler - "Call the Angles! We have to call all his Angels!" [click for the song]

Tyler was excited. Finally Verne sensed they were getting a foothold, getting some traction to tackle this horrible thing. Verne was yelling "Call all the Angels! Call Spot! Call Cougar! Call Rusty! Call all the Angels!"

He went to his computer to get that special song playing "Calling All Angels" because it was a good song. It was very special. He played it over and over and sang it for Tyler and Raccoony (Bobcat's best cat friend forever or BCFF).

Verne held Bobcat's body, sensing the life force was only a thin string - not the strong cord it should be. He worked to strengthen the life force connection. You, reading this, may not understand but it is a thing you can do with your inner connection to [fill in your own name for it]. It was like "willing a dream into existence."

Verne didn't need a name for it. He had met Ben Bibb 30 years before when he took a healing course with him when he lived with Beverly. Suddenly that knowledge flooded back to him after 30 years. He knew what to do!
What happened to save Bobcatan explanation for lay people
The love for Bobcat opened a door to Heaven and grace was granted. Bobcat surrendered one of his nine lives to the Angels, it was legitimately traded for the miracle; the price of life itself. Verne thought it was a bargain he'd gladly accept. He did it for Tyler who deeply loved Bobcat as his best cat friend forever (BCFF).

As Bobcat's life force connection began to grow into a firmer connection Verne became exhausted. He had suffered and worried for two days and now the third one began. He went to bed.

The next morning he woke up thinking about Bobcat. In his mind he reached out to Bobcat's hospital crate but found him missing! Instead he saw his old cat friend of 17 years —Rusty. Rusty?! But the cat Rusty had died in 2007.

Verne remembered Bobcat's song (the theme song he was given with the kitten) "He came on the wings of the Angels; Spot, Cougar, and Rusty...they gave him to me..." that song specified by name the Angels who gave him to Verne. With that he could call them by name to help Bobcat. And they came. Each Angel appeared that day and together they delivered this miracle that restored Bobcat's life. They connected him to the life force before it ran out like a dead battery. Bobcat sort of got plugged in for a recharge. You could say.

THE FIRST ANGEL APPEARS (The dead cat Rusty)
About Rusty
Rusty was a kitten when he showed up at Verne's back door.  Rusty lived with him from the year he gained sobriety in 1990 until Rusty's death in 2007. His body was never found. Cougar died at age two and his body was also never found. He was a hunter who was killing someone's special bunnies, bringing home the bodies which he completely consumed over a 2 day period. After 6 rabbits the person he was stealing them from must have trapped & killed Cougar.

(photo at left)
When Rusty was about 15 years he helped raise the kitten Cougar like it was his own son.
"Rusty! What are you doing in Bobcat's crate?! You're dead!" But Verne knew what it meant. It was his Angel appearing to him. Rusty's Angel was in the crate where Bobcat had lain ill for 3 days. WOW! What a vision!

When Verne went to the room —the crate was empty. Bobcat was gone -but the door was still closed. He found Bobcat in a cat nest nearby. Verne carried him to the cat feeding station in the kitchen but Bobcat could barely stand — he still had ataxia. He couldn't eat. But Verne knew the life force was now strong enough to pull Bobcat all the way back from Death. Bobcat's Angels had taken over. More miracles were on the way!
THE SECOND ANGEL APPEARS (the dead cat Cougar)

While walking Tyler that afternoon —
his dog abruptly stopped to lie down on the grass. Verne couldn't believe what he was seeing. It made him take out his camera to prove it to you (he knew you'd never believe it without the photo). There was Cougar, standing like a statue on the porch behind Tyler.  The second Angel had appeared.

First Verne had seen the cat Angel Rusty when he woke up inside Bobcat's hospital crate. Now he was staring at Cougar!

Cougar was a white Siamese mix with a black face. Look at the photo! That is so close to being Cougar that Verne wondered if perhaps Cougar was not dead, but had gotten lost back in 2008 and lived here at this house now. His mind spun...it was dizzying.

No, it was a ghost. This cat didn't move. No matter how intently Verne  stared the cat would not make any sign it was alive. Verne then began to wonder it is was a fake cat statue. Tyler did not notice there was a cat at all.

Verne noticed an Angel statue (see photo) - it was behind Tyler on the porch. Verne felt a chill in his spine. He called Tyler and they scootered away. Verne knew these happenings were good signs. Heaven had opened a door for a miracle to occur. The signs were all around.

Verne cried in happiness. "Thank you! Thank you!" was all he could say.

When they arrived home
There was a white hawk in the tree above their home.

THE THIRD ANGEL APPEARS (the dead cat Spot)

Spot was Verne's first ever cat. A neighborhood stray for 6 years...Verne put food out for him. Spot became a wonderful pal who made Verne understand why people like cats in the first place. Spot made him a "cat person."

Calling all angels
Calling all angels
Walk me through this one
Don't leave me alone
Callin' all angels
Callin' all angels
We're tryin'
We're hopin'
We're hurtin'
We're lovin'
We're cryin'
We're callin'
'Cause we're not sure how this goes

Verne sang the song the Angels taught him when he was given the kitten Bobcat. It was a song from Heaven; singing it was like dialing home to the Guardian Spirit.

The words: "He came on the wings of the Angels; Spot, Cougar, and Rusty...they gave him to me..."

During that day—when Bobcat was resurrected—Verne saw each one of the 3 Angels. Spot, Cougar, and Rusty. They had been summoned and each one appeared.
Verne had known for some time that this hawk was a spiritual representative hovering above his home.

As he took these photos he suddenly understood.
"Spot! It is Spot!"
The first cat who came into Verne's life back in 1986 was a gift to fulfill his request to God for "Someone to love".

Verne meant a girl or course, but God gave him Spot the cat; a neighborhood stray who had lived outside for 6 years. Verne gave Spot a home in an agreement he made with God to learn to love unconditionally. When he understood the seriousness of that arrangement he treated Spot with kindness for the rest of his life.

Spot later found the kitten Rusty in 1990 and brought him to Verne. Kitten Rusty liked them and they liked him...and that is how all that started.

Now 24 years later Verne realized that his first cat had taken wings in the literal sense. That hawk was the spiritual manifestation of Spot.

Sure, you're reading this and thinking it's all wacko. Right? Think again. The world is immense. Its powers are beyond human understanding. You can see it and not actually "see" it. But when you believe it —then you will start to see the depth, the richness of "reality."
In the days that followed Bobcat slowly recovered to his former state of health
Tyler was very happy!
He loved his cat pal Bobcat. Soon enough they were playing again. Bobcat was impressed that Tyler had found the poisoned rat. He was also grateful for Tyler's guarding him when Death tried to take his fragile cat soul away.

The events stated on this page really happened. You, reading this, may not have any understanding at all. Or you may have great understanding of such matters.

The point? The point is that we are not humans with a "spirit" but in truth are spirits experiencing what it is to be a human. Never forget that when things look bad and you're not going to make it you have to call all your Angels. They are your connection to Heaven.

This is a true story
But it will make no sense to an unenlightened person. There some things you won't "Believe when you see them because you have to believe first, and then you will see..."

Song: Calling All Angels
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