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Was Raccoony a Kitler?

A kitler is a cat with a moustache resembling Hitler.

Rusty learned this terrible fact from his landlord, Jim.

When Jim saw Raccoon girl he called her a kitler. Poor, precious Raccoony! She was upset and cried after Jim left.

She was sad because Hitler had been an evil person who all cats learned about in kittengarden. Hitler didn't like gypsies, cripples, gay people, Jewish people, fat people, mental cases, etc. Hitler wanted them all recycled into fertilizer.

Raccoony knew that this evil man also didn't like cats unless they had blonde fur with blue eyes. Many kittens were forced to suffer in cat labor camps until the Allied forces liberated everyone in 1945. By then most of the cats were just skin and fur. Millions of cat souls suffered and died under Hilter.

Rusty saw Raccoony was sad
He tried to cheer her up by making this comparison photo of Adolph with Raccoon girl. But Rusty noticed there really was a likeness. Jim was sort of correct.

If Raccoony wore a hat & uniform she would sort of look like that bad person.

"You are only half a kitler" said Bobcat.

During the Furred Reich many cats died in cat labor camps.

It was a bad time on planet earth when evil spread all over in what they called World War Two.

Rusty took a photo of his precious cat

She only had 1/2 a moustache so he made it into a full one with PhotoShop. He wanted to see if Jim was right that Raccoony was a Kitler.
It was scary! Sure enough, she was a kitler!

Bobcat taunted her by goose stepping around meowing "Heil Raccoony!"

Rusty saw the effect this had on his special girl so he said "Knock it off, Bobcat!"

Poor sweet Raccoon girl was devastated to be linked to the evil man Hilter.
Bobcat taunted Raccoony by goose stepping around the kitchen meowing "Heil Raccoony!"
Raccoony sulked

Bobcat felt bad at making fun of her, so he climbed up her cat tree to say he was sorry.

Tyler ran in to comfort her, too. "Arf! Rrrruuuff!" he barked.

Tyler explained that because he was a German Shepherd he understood about all the evil things that had been done to cats back in the Hitler days of World War Two.

Tyler told Raccoony that his great granddog father had served in the US Army as a War dog. He helped to capture many Waffen-SS before being killed him in the battle of the Ardennes.
(above) Tyler's great granddog fought the Nazis in WW2

Everyone was stunned by this revelation. Raccoony stared at the young shepherd.

Rusty said "I didn't know that about your great granddog serving in WW2, Tyler."

Soon enough Rusty, Bobcat, and Tyler had comforted the sensitive kitten.

She may be 1/2 a kitler but she was deeply loved by her cat, dog & human family.

Later that night Raccoony visited Rusty at his computer. She was glad that her family of cats, dog, and a human loved her and supported her so much.
Cat genius
The long, cold winter night wore on. Two of the cats were sleeping high up near the celiling.

Rusty realized Dustball and Bobcat had discovered a fundamental law of physics that related to the kinetic energy of air molecules.

Air had higher temperature because the molecules had more kinetic energy that led to lower air density so it moved higher while air with less energy moved downward.

Rusty was please to own such scientifically savvy cats.

Next adventure of Tyler the Wonder Dog...

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