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Tyler: 2010 adventures
A long walk through cattle land
Tyler trotted over 6 miles
Rusty was bored one day. He decided to take a long scooter ride through cattle country.

Tyler loved it. Once the endorphins kicked in he was in the groove.

Rusty listened to his audio book about microbiology. After awhile that got boring so he switched to the news on NPR. That was worse. Obama this, Afghanistan that.

So he switched the MP3 back to the lecture on microbes. Did you know the stinky smell of Limburger cheese is from the body odor bacteria which makes smelly feet? Its true.

The journey was so long Rusty stopped 3 times to give Tyler a bowl of water.
Photography over Rusty's shoulder

Tyler trotted on and on.
Cows and steers
Some cows make milk.
Other types make steaks.
Photography over Rusty's shoulder

Tyler trotted on and on.
Tyler rested at the northern most point of the adventure.

He was wearing a neck tie.
Tyler found the colorful rag in the road last week. Rusty put it through the washing machine for him, then tied it to his collar.

Neither he nor Rusty liked it after the brief novelty of the thing faded. Tyler wasn't the formal kind of dog who would wear a tie.

The powerful young shepherd rested in a lush field of grass. He was in an endorphin boosted dog bliss. Rusty was pretty happy, too.

There was no breeze. A car might pass by every few minutes, then the silence returned.

The temperature was perfect at about 65 degrees. The day passed softly away into memory.
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