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Tyler's Christmas duck
Reggie is Tyler's Godmother. She remembered her special dog on Christmas by mailing a package of cool stuff. There was something for Rusty, toys for Tyler and even a package of mice for the cats. Merry Micemas!

There were two ducks in a package. Rusty tied one to the lunge pole whip for Tyler to chase. He loved to chase that duck! It quacked in a low tone like a fart when he bit on it. Then inside the house Rusty pulled out the second duck (below) which Tyler immediately grabbed. He knew it was for him, from his Godmother.
That poor little toy duck quacked and quacked as Tyler chewed down on it.

It was Tyler's first ever Christmas and he was loving it.

Later Rusty would tie Duck on a nylon lunge whip purchased from the feed store. That is a flexi 6' handle with a 6' nylon rope whip.

Rusty could make Duck fly, dance, skitter across the ground as Tyler lept and gave chase. Duck was his favorite toy.

Tyler wanted to play "Duck" every day!
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